Who's Coming

Check this page frequently for a list of alumni who are saving the date for Reunion 2020! Use this list to see which of your friends, classmates, and former roommates are making plans to come home to Georgetown from May 29 - 31, 2020!

Please note that online registrations are not reflected immediately on this page. Please allow up to seven business days for your registration status to be updated. If you sent your registration through the mail, please allow ten business days for your registration status to be updated.

If you have any questions or changes, please e-mail alumnirelations@georgetown.edu or call 202-687-6800.


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Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Charles Adrion C’70 Yes No
Tom Austin C’70 Yes Yes
Richard Batch F’70 Yes No
Kevin Belford B’70 Yes Yes
Clem Bezold F’70 Yes No
Clifford Bond F’70 Yes No
Bill Bridge F’70 Yes Yes
David Burgess F’70 Yes No
Catherine Casey-Flavin N’70 Yes No
James Clark C’70 Yes No
Patricia Cloppert F’70 Yes No
Roger Cooke C’70, L’73 Yes No
Walter Cooney C’70 Yes No
Mario Damiata C’70 Yes Yes
Jim Dann F’70 Yes No
Bill Dant SLL’70 Yes No
Frank Davies F’70 Yes No
Vincent Desiderio C’70, M’74 Yes No
Charles Dietzgen B’70 No Yes
John Doyle C’70 Yes No
Sacka Duffy N’70 Yes Yes
Court Dwyer C’70 Yes No
Julie Edwards N’70 Yes No
Paul Favorite C’70 Yes No
Robert Feerick F’70 Yes Yes
Alfred Fisher B’70 Yes No
Gregory Fisher C’70, L’73 Yes No
LJ Foley C’70 Yes No
Barbara Fowler N’70 Yes No
David Frantz B’70, L’74 Yes Yes
Joan McMonagle Frawley F’70 Yes Yes
Nancy Gallup SLL’70 Yes No
Richard Gartland SLL’70 Yes Yes
Ann Gerarden I’70 Yes No
Ralph Ginocchio C’70 Yes Yes
Bill Golden F’70 Yes No
Robert E. Grant C’70 Yes No
Thomas J. Hakala C’70 Yes No
Ken Handal C’70 Yes Yes
Thomas Hanley C’70 Yes No
Hope Herbst SLL’70 Yes No
Richard Joseph C’70 Maybe No
Michael Kelly C’70 Yes No
Charles Kenny C’70 Yes Yes
Joan Kovach N’70 Yes No
Lee Langan B’70 Yes No
Jane LaVigne N’70 Yes No
Alan Leis F’70 Yes No
Lisa Leydon N’70 Yes No
Jesse Liebman F’70 Yes No
Bill Lytton C’70 Yes No
Thomas Maher C’70, M’74, R’79 No Yes
Joseph Markoski F’70 Yes No
Harriet McCollum N’70 Yes No
Mary Ellen McGlynn N’70 Yes Yes
Eileen McHenry B’70 Yes Yes
Brian McNulty C’70 Yes No
Gerald Meunier C’70, L’74 Yes No
Carol Moore F’70 Yes Yes
Christopher Muse C’70 Yes Yes
Ann Nagle N’70 No Yes
John P. Newman C’70 Yes No
Jim O'Keefe C’70 Yes No
Nels Palm C’70 Yes No
Fred Pennekamp F’70 Yes Yes
Mark Powers B’70 Yes No
Dan Purcell C’70 Yes No
Lawrence Re C’70, L’73 Yes No
George Rehm F’70 No Yes
Richard RisCassi C’70, L’73 Yes No
John Ross C’70 Yes Yes
Peter Rucci C’70 Maybe No
John Salmon C’70, L’81 Yes Yes
Tom Schlafly C’70 Yes No
H. Roger Schwall F’70 No Yes
Robert Schwetje C’70 No Yes
Thomas Skirbunt F’70 Yes No
Thomas Sneeringer C’70, L’73 Yes No
Gary Stein F’70, L’80 Yes No
Robert Stuart C’70 Yes No
Elaine Tagliareni N’70 No Yes
Lee Thielen F’70 Yes Yes
Ann Thomas Nagle N‘70 Yes Yes
Ed Towle C’70 Yes Yes
Mary Kay Tucker N’70 Yes No
Richard Tully B’70 Yes Yes
Rosalind Tyson SLL’70 Yes No
Yvette Villamana SLL’70 Yes Yes
R. Michael Wall B’70 Yes No
Paul Warring B’70, L’74 Maybe No
Roger White F’70 Maybe No
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Arlene Banks N’75 Yes Yes
Joe Battaglia C’75 Yes No
Martha Bauer B’75 Yes No
Rande Coleman C’75 Yes No
Barbara Crocker I’75 Maybe No
Daniel DeWiest B’75 Maybe No
Karen Early C’75 Yes No
Neil R Feldman F 75 Yes No
Eileen Ferrell N’75, G’83 Yes No
Deborah Fleck SLL’75 Yes Yes
Alan Fleck F’75 Yes No
John Hallinan C’75 Yes Yes
Barbara Hannigan C’75, G’80 Yes No
Jack Horner F’75 Yes No
Robert Kingsland C‘75, L’81 Yes No
Walter Koroshetz C’75 Yes No
Krista Lane F’75 Yes No
Steven Lorber F’00 No Yes
Paul Maloof B’75 Yes No
Mindy Marcantonio SLL’75 Yes No
Michael McGuire B’75 No Yes
Patricia Miller N’75 Yes No
George Morrissey C’75 Yes No
Kevin Norton C’75 Maybe No
Anne O'Leary F’75 Yes No
Dean Pascal I’75 Maybe No
Patrick Patrissi C’75 Yes Yes
Anne Peskoe C’74 Yes No
Anthony Porto B’75 No Yes
Helaine Posner C’75 Yes Yes
Lou Prosperi B’75 Yes No
Katie Skelton N’75 Yes No
George Somers C’75 Yes No
Dan Sullivan F’75 Yes No
Audrey Utkus C’15 No Yes
Patricia Werts F’75 Maybe No
Mark Zaontz C’75, M’79, R’84 No Yes
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Tony Arend F’80 Yes Yes
Stephen Aubin C’80, G’82 Yes Yes
Moira Bailey C’80 Yes No
Steve Buffone F’80 Yes No
Frank Buttitta F’80 No Yes
Karen Cavanaugh SFS’80 Maybe No
Betsy Comerford B’80 Yes No
Marie Conyngham N‘80 Maybe No
Mary Beth Corrigan C’80, G’85 Yes Yes
Ghislaine de Rochefort C’80 Maybe No
Alexander Delucia F’80 Yes No
Bob DiBenedetto C’80 Maybe No
Denise Downing F’80 Maybe No
Michael Fisher B’80 No Yes
Alan Forst F’80 Yes No
Francis Grady F’80 Yes Yes
Maria Teresa Guzzinati SLL’80 Yes No
Mary Grace Hardiman F’80 No Yes
Heather Hawkins N’80 Yes No
Patricia Heeney C’80 Yes No
Cathy Jaffe C’80 Yes No
Patricia Lydon B’80 No Yes
Colleen Lynch N’80 Maybe No
Bob McGannon B’80 Yes No
Jill McGarry C’80 Yes No
Terrance McGovern C’80 Yes No
Kate Mounteer F’80 Yes No
Deana Neimann N’80 Yes No
Jackie O'Grady-ElSeht C’80 Yes No
Adelaida (Addie) Delgado Palm B’80 Yes No
Holly Ross N’80 Yes No
Fig Ruggieri C’80, L’88 Yes No
Joe Ryan F’80, G’82, G’87 Yes No
Vincent Salgado F’80, L’90 Maybe No
David Schirmer D’80 Yes No
Dian Schmid F’80 Yes No
Jill Smith F’80 Yes No
William Wakefield Smith C’80 Maybe No
Robin Smith F’80 Yes No
Mary Ellen Snow N’80 Yes No
Joseph Snow C’80 Yes No
Robert Spolzino C’80 Yes No
Carol Swift F’80 Yes No
Fred Vandenberg B’80 Yes No
Donna Zubris C’80 Yes No
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Carla Bernich N’85 Yes No
Peter Blommer C’85 Yes No
Bonnie Brenner SLL’85 Yes No
Veronique Brenninkmeijer-de Winter SLL’85, MS’87 Yes No
Mary Briody C’85 Yes No
James Briody C’85 Yes No
Patricia Burke N’85 Yes No
Hani Elnaggar F’85 Yes No
Mary-Ellen Evans F’85 Maybe No
John Evans C’85 Yes No
Susanne Fischer C’85 Yes No
Frances Fisher C’85 Yes No
Alison Games C’85 Yes No
Gloria Garcia F’85, B’96 Yes No
Louis Gargour B85 Yes Yes
Kathleen Gaul Burke N’85 Yes No
Ronald Geraghty B’85 Yes No
John Giere B’85 No Yes
Keith Goeringer SLL’85 Yes No
Paula Greeley N’85 Yes Yes
Mary Halston N‘85 Yes No
John Hartigan B’85 Yes No
Maureen Hartigan C’85 Yes No
Tony Hoang C’85 Yes No
Barbara Howaniec N‘85 Yes No
Tracy Huffman C’85, MPP’93 No Yes
Julia Johnson SLL’85, L’89, P’22 Yes No
Harry Kane C’85 Yes No
Connie Karageorgis C’85 Yes No
Kevin Kells B’85 Maybe No
Brian Kelly F’85 Yes No
Chris Kenny C’85, L’90 Yes No
Kathy Knox F’85 Yes No
Analisa Lafontant C’85 Yes No
Mary Killay Lavayen C’85 Yes No
Maria Leo C’85 Yes No
Chuck Loncon C’85, L’89 Yes No
John Malanga B’85 Yes No
Robert Masek I’85 Yes No
Ginger McKnight-Chavers F’85 Yes No
Frank Merola B’85 Yes No
Renu Mody C’85 Yes No
Dean Monroe L’85 Yes No
Adeline Neubert F’85 Yes No
Margaret Nicklas SLL’85 Maybe No
Michael O'Connell C’85 Yes No
Michelle Patenaude C’85 No Yes
Mark Richardson B’85 Yes No
Paul Robertson B’85 Yes Yes
Todd Robinson F’85 Maybe No
Chris Scherer C’85 Yes No
Mark Smith B’85 No Yes
Joe Smolskis B’85 Yes No
Katie Tenpas C’85 Yes No
Matthew TRUE F’85 Yes No
Avery Vise C’85 Yes No
Christina Webers N’85 Yes No
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Robert Abizaid B’90 No Yes
Mieke Ackell N’90 Yes No
Stefanie Adams F’90 No Yes
James Aquilina C’90 No Yes
Bob Barrette C’90 Yes No
David Benoit F’90 Yes No
Craige Bertero B’90 Yes No
Elena Bertolino N’90 Yes No
Bolster Bill C’90 Yes Yes
Matthew Billingsley F’90 Yes No
Renee Boland C’90 Maybe No
Ed Brady B’90 Yes No
Charlie Burke B’90 Yes No
Alberto Bustamante B’90 No Yes
Mike Callahan F’90 Yes No
Megan Campbell C’90 Yes No
Cathie Coleman B’90 Yes No
John Crager B’90 Yes No
Lady Cumpiano C’90 Maybe No
Chris Cykoski B’90 Yes No
Ron Del Sesto C’90 Yes No
Greg Diagonale B’90 Yes No
John Doherty B’90 Yes Yes
Jane Dowling C’90 Yes No
Mary Doyle C’90 Yes No
Steve Doyle B’90 Yes No
Rosie Driscoll C’90 Yes No
Bob Driscoll B’90, L’93 Yes No
Laura Drynan I’90 Yes No
Caroline DuPont C’90 Yes No
Greg Durst B’90 Yes No
Kimberly Dutcher-Woods F’90 Yes No
Maria Eguia-Brusco C’90 Yes No
Melissa Elizalde B’90 Yes No
Carolyn Finer B’90 No Yes
Anne-Marie Finnell C’90 No Yes
Ambrose Fisher B’90 No Yes
Thomas Fisher C’90 No Yes
Lee Flanagan C’90 No Yes
Timothy Flynn F’90 No Yes
Maria Luisa Fuster C’90 Maybe No
John Gaul B’90, L’94 Yes No
Stephen Gorman B’90 Yes Yes
Kathleen Gormley C’90 Yes Yes
Cary Grace C’90 Yes Yes
Holly Grossetta Nardini C’90 Yes No
Michael Gutschmit B’90 No Yes
S. Fitzgerald Haney F’90, MSFS’91 No Yes
Mark Hannafey C’90 Yes No
Raymond Hays S’90 Yes No
Vanessa Helin C’90 Yes No
Cammy Hines N’90 Yes No
Nancy Huang B’90 Yes No
Minh Huebner C’90 Yes No
Thomas Ix C’90, L’94 Yes Yes
Mel Jackson SLL’90 Yes No
Timothy Joseph C’90 No Yes
Karam Kalsi B’90 No Yes
Cecilia Kim C’90 Yes No
Michael Kim C’90, M’94 No Yes
Mario Koehler B’89 Yes No
Swati Kulkarni C’90 Yes No
Noelle Kurtin C’90 Yes No
Brian Leahey C’90 Yes No
Erik Librader B’90 Yes Yes
Philip Lim C’90 Yes No
Gabrielle Loperfido SLL’90, MA’92 Maybe No
Mark Luedtke C’90 Yes No
Catriona Macdonald F’90 Yes No
Molly Machamer F’90 Yes No
Brad Macomber C’90 Yes No
Kate Manka C’90 Yes No
Sandi Manus C’90 No Yes
Carol Ann Manzella C’90 Yes No
Frank Manzella C’90, L’94, MBA’94 No Yes
Jeff Marcella C’90 Yes No
Allyson Martin Sladic SLL’90 Yes No
Chris Matson B’90 No Yes
Elizabeth Mayhew C’90 No Yes
Mary Noel Moore C’90, M’91 Yes Yes
Maureen Moore B’90 Yes Yes
Brian Newton B’90 Yes No
BichLan Nguyen D’90 Yes No
Amy Omana C’90 Yes Yes
Brigid Ovitt C’90 Maybe No
Sarah O’Brien B’90 Yes Yes
Julie O’Connor C’90 Yes No
Meeghan O’Donnell C’90 Yes Yes
Teresa Paquette C’90 Yes Yes
Marianela Peralta F’90 Yes No
Richard Petrocelli B’90 Yes Yes
Michael Raney C’90 Yes No
Robert Reilly C’90 Yes Yes
Michael Reisz C’90 Yes No
Paul Ritacco C’90, L’03 Yes No
Bill Rizzo C’90 Yes Yes
Courtney Roberts F’90 No Yes
Ann Roberts C’90 No Yes
Chris Robinson C’90 Yes No
Katherine Rodger N’90 No Yes
Nancy Rothfeder N’90 Yes No
Thomas Ruder B’90 No Yes
Maria Sabando B’90 Yes Yes
Paul Sabundayo C’90 Yes No
Lucantonio Salvi C’90, L’95 No Yes
Gisele Saralegui F’90 Yes No
Lisa Sasso SLL’90 Yes Yes
Nushin Sayfie C’90 Yes No
Jill Scalisi C’90 Yes No
Ray Sein C’90 Yes No
Peter Sherry C’90 Yes Yes
Ileana Sodani F’90 Yes Yes
Kat Song C’90, MPP’95 Yes No
Sheila Spring B’90 No Yes
Eryk Spytek C’90 Yes No
Molly Stiles C’90 Yes No
Derek Stoldt C’90, L’94 No Yes
Brendan Sullivan C’90 Yes No
Patrick Timilty B’90 Yes No
Michael Vaccaro F’90 Yes No
Lisa Villanueva Camarata C’90 Yes No
Stacey Vitiello C’90 Yes No
John von Wentzel F’90 No Yes
Kelly Walker N‘90 Yes No
Hilary Ward C’90 No Yes
Trent Waterhouse B’90 Yes No
Nina Whitman N’90 No Yes
Carrie Wilder Carrique F’90 Yes No
Richard Wilson F’90 Maybe No
Nicholas Wood B’90 No Yes
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Marcella Abramowicz C’95 No Yes
Maha Al-Azar C’95 Yes No
Joan Alexandre SLL’95 Yes No
Patricia Ardise C’95 Yes No
Angie Armer SFS´95 Yes No
John Astorina C’95 No Yes
Gwendolyn Barisonek C’95 No Yes
Brandon Barnes F’95 No Yes
Adelaide Barrett C’95 Yes No
Timothy Billings B’95 No Yes
Candace Blair F’95 No Yes
Ashley Brokaw F’95 Maybe No
Patrick Campbell B’95 Yes No
Lex Carroll F’95 Yes No
Karen Casey N ’95 Yes No
Joseph Catanzano C’95 Yes Yes
Christy Cherniss B’95 No Yes
Maura Colleary C’95 Yes Yes
Kathleen Coney C’95 Yes No
Kevin Cornils F’95 No Yes
Jennifer Degnan B’95 Yes Yes
Jennifer Dey-Jorgensen C’95 No Yes
Kelly Doherty Laferriere SLL’95 Yes No
Nicole Duckett C’95 Yes Yes
Oliver Dunlap SFS’95 Yes Yes
Bret Eagan C’95 Yes No
Christine Elowitt C’95 Yes Yes
Richard Engel B’95 Yes No
Tamsin Euart I’95 No Yes
Christopher Farrell C’99, M’99 Yes No
Emily Fisher C’95 Yes Yes
Sean Flanagan B’95 Yes No
Ellie Flores N’95 Yes No
Francine Friedman C’95 Yes Yes
Colleen Garrity F’95 Yes No
Denis Gaynor C’95, MA’96 No Yes
Jesse Gipson C’95 Yes No
Michael Grandis B’95 Yes No
Juliana Harris F’95 Yes No
Jennifer Hunt Henry C’95 No Yes
Rebecca Hershinger B’95 Yes No
Jeremy Hilsabeck C’95 No Yes
Stephanie Hipp C’95 No Yes
Tricia Hoefling F’95 No Yes
Andrea Hooper C’95 Yes Yes
Melissa Jacob F’95 Yes No
Josh Jaffe F’95 Yes No
Kristin Kastner C’95 No Yes
Dinah Kinard I’95 No Yes
Freda Kong B’95 Yes No
Ashish Lakhanpal C’95 Yes No
Peter Loh C’95 No Yes
Marsha Lopez C’95 Yes No
Melanie Lynch C’95 Yes No
Kathy McCabe F’95 Yes No
Erin McFarlane F’95 Yes No
Chris McLaughlin C’95, L’99, MBA’99 Yes Yes
Patrick McMahon C’95 Yes No
Kassandra Merker C’95, M’99 Yes No
Gazal Modhera C’95 Yes Yes
Cori Moore F’95 No Yes
Jason Morris B’95 No Yes
Christopher Mulvihill C’95 Yes No
Sean Murphy C’95 No Yes
Harriet Nash C’95 No Yes
Jeremy Neuner C’95 No Yes
Kerri Newman N’95 Yes No
Norah ODonnell C’95, S’03 No Yes
Lara Oerter C’95 Yes Yes
Gretchen Opper C’95 Yes No
Nicole Orphanos I ‘95 Yes No
Mike Ortner B’95 Yes No
Katie O’Halleran C’95 Yes Yes
Joseph Palascak C’95 No Yes
Mark Pasko C’95 Yes Yes
Michael Pedone B’95 Yes No
Kiersten Pentony C’95 Yes No
Briggs Porter C’95 Yes No
Brian Potts C’95 No Yes
Kimble Reilly SLL ‘95 Yes No
Irene Ricci C’95, L’99 Yes No
Margaret (Peggy) Roberts SLL’95 Yes Yes
Usha Rodrigues C’95 Yes Yes
Colleen Ryan C’95 Yes No
Amanda Schlumberger B’95 Yes Yes
Allison Schnieders C’95 Yes No
Tracy Schwartz N’95 Yes No
Jennifer Semko F’95 Yes No
Courtney Seymour C’95 No Yes
Mark Shaffer SFS’95 Yes Yes
Kristin Shaffer F’95 Yes No
Michael Shim C’95 No Yes
Barbara Smith C’95 No Yes
Lila Smith N’95 Yes Yes
Nicholas Smith C’95 Yes No
Christian Stenrud F’95 Yes No
Susan Stumme F’95 Yes No
Michael Sucsy F’95 Yes No
Liam Sullivan C’95 Yes No
Joseph Swan C’95 No Yes
Nick Talwar F’95 Yes No
Melissa Teeter C’95 Yes Yes
Gwyn Thiessen F’95 Yes No
Kristin Thomas N’95 Yes Yes
Emre Timurkan B’95 Yes No
Matthew Tollin C’95 Yes No
Meredith Tollison F’95 Yes No
Geoffrey Tracy C’95 No Yes
Elizabeth Ullem F’95 No Yes
Valla Vakili F’95 Yes No
Amy van den Dijssel F’95 Yes No
Miriam Van Dyck F’95 No Yes
Kira Wampler F’95 No Yes
Shani Warner C’95 Yes Yes
Dana Wildman C’95 Maybe No
Laura Wilhelm C’95 No Yes
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Martin Akguc C’00 Maybe No
David Ally C’00 Maybe Yes
Dean Atkins C’00 Yes No
David Giancarlo Barbato C’00 No No
Megan Benedict C’00 Yes No
Rachna Bhatt B’00 Yes Yes
Shahidah Bilal C’00 Yes No
Mike Bober F’00 Yes No
Nicole Bolisay B’00 Maybe No
Peter Borst B’00 No Yes
Caitlin Bovo B‘00 Yes No
Robert Bovo B‘00 Yes No
Michael Boyle B’00 Yes No
Mehmet Bozatli B’00 Maybe No
Nina Braun B’00 Yes No
Beau Brewer C’00 Yes No
Carron Brown B’00 Yes No
Heather Burke C’00 Maybe No
Gia Burton F’00 Yes No
Mark Burton B’00 Yes No
David Caracta F’00 Yes Yes
Amanda Cardona B’00 Maybe No
Michael Cardosa B’00 Yes No
Danielle Caro B’00 No Yes
Samir Chapra B’00 Yes No
Mark Choi F’00 Yes No
Carla Citarella B’00 Yes No
Peter Collins B’00 Yes No
Tegwyn Collins C’00 Yes No
Christina Covault F’00 Yes No
Sonya Cronin B’00 Yes No
Riwa Dabbagh F’00 Yes No
Edward Davis F’00 No Yes
Pamela de Cordova N’00 No Yes
Oliver De La Hoz B’00 Yes Yes
Katie Delaney C’00 Yes Yes
Thomas Devlin B’00 Yes Yes
Michael Diamant F’00, L’03 Yes No
Conan Dolce B’00 Yes No
Kimberly Doyle B’ 00 Yes Yes
Carrie Driscoll F‘00 Yes No
Nicole Duane B’00 Yes No
Sean Duane C’00 Yes No
Aziz El-Tahch F’00 No Yes
Sara Fahrenkamp B’00 Yes Yes
Monica Ferguson B’00 Yes Yes
Kyrill Firshein S’00 Yes No
Megan Fischbeck C’00 Yes No
Mike FitzSimons B’00 Yes No
James Gallagher B’00 No Yes
Divina Gamble C’00, G’02 Yes No
Paul Gaydos B’00 Yes No
Ryan Gillis C’00 Yes No
Michael Gumbley F’00 Yes No
Tara Hannon C’00 Yes No
Brooke Harris F‘00 Yes No
Dana Hart C’00 Yes No
Maura Herman C’00 No Yes
John Hodges C’00 Yes Yes
Eliza Hoskins C’00 No Yes
Katie Hosmer C’00 Yes No
Timothy Howard C’00 Yes Yes
Kathleen Hughes C’00 No Yes
Christopher Johanson B’00 Yes No
Megan Johnson F’00 Yes No
Jamal Jones C’00 Yes No
Jordan Keating C’00 No Yes
Sharlene Keithley C’00 No Yes
Josh Kellar C’00 Maybe No
Wynne Kelly C’00 Yes No
Ah-Young Kim F’00 Yes No
Jennifer kob C’00 Yes Yes
Emily Kreps F’00 Yes No
Elizabeth Lambert C’00 Yes No
Rob Landon B’00 Yes No
Christopher Lawson C’00, M’05 Yes No
Lauren Lewis C’00 Yes No
Scott Lindsay F’00 Yes No
Malcolm Lloyd C’00 No Yes
Matthew Lockwood C’00 No Yes
Meghan McAlpine B’00 Yes No
Brett McBride F’00 Yes No
Susan McGuire Shay C’00 Yes No
Michelle McIntire C’00 Yes No
Emily McKeogh SLL’00 Yes No
William McLarty F’00 Yes Yes
Colleen McNellis B’00 No Yes
Cesar Melgoza C’00 Yes Yes
Leila Moro B’00 Yes No
Alexia Moutsatsos B’00, M’04 Yes No
Brendan Moynihan C’00 Yes No
Bill Murphy B’00 Yes No
Ryan Murphy C’00 Yes Yes
John Nagle C’00 Yes Yes
Robin Nahas C’00 Yes No
Kristen Nicholas B’00 Yes No
Kelly O'Keefe F’00 Yes No
Daniel Oldroyd B’00 Yes No
Michael Owens B’00 Maybe No
Michael Pacella C’00 No Yes
Gene Payne B’00 Yes No
Michael Pearce B’00 Yes No
Esra Pelitozu F’00 Yes No
Blythe Pierre-Louis B’00 Yes No
Arthur Price C’00, L’05 Yes No
Raphael Prober F’00, L’03 No Yes
Bonnie Prober C’00 Yes Yes
Lauren Puffer C’00 Yes No
Barak Rabinowitz B’00 Yes No
Christine Rafanelli C’00 Yes No
Matt Reilein F’00 Yes Yes
Lorraine Richardson B’00 No Yes
Jennifer Rikoski C’00, L’06 Yes No
Shelli Rosenbaum C’00 No Yes
David Ross B’00 Yes No
Stephen Ruisi C’00 Yes No
Melissa Ryan F‘00 Yes No
Charlie Schilling C’00 Yes No
Robin Scott C’00 Yes No
Erin Seneker C’00 Yes No
Joel Sivertsen C’00 Yes No
Douglas Snyder C’00 Yes No
Adam Supple C’00 No Yes
Jack Theis C’00 Yes No
Craig Thornton B’00 No Yes
Eileen Tortora C’00 Yes No
Amber Tully N’00 Yes No
Vivian Turner F’00 Yes No
Carmen Visser B’00 Maybe No
Michelle Wallace C’00 Yes No
Erin Walsh C’00 Yes No
Chris Walters C’00 Yes Yes
Danielle Wattleton-anderson C’00 Yes No
Leslie Weeks M’05 Yes Yes
Jessica White C’00 Yes No
John Willey B’00 Yes Yes
Catherine Williams C’00 Yes No
Frances Wilmerding SLL’00 Yes No
Andrew Wimpenny SLL‘00 Yes No
Michael Wynn C’00 Yes No
Jackie Young F’00 Yes No
Sogand Zamani F’00 Yes Yes
Shvetha Zarek C’00 Yes Yes
Allison Zielinski C’00 Yes No
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Abony Alexander C’05 Yes No
Steve Alleva C’05, EMBA’21 Yes No
Gerard Alolod F’05 Yes Yes
Devin Armstrong C’05 Yes No
Beirj Bagdasarian F’05 Yes Yes
Maureen Bauer N’05 Yes No
Chris Bobbitt C’05 Yes Yes
Megan Bocko B’05 No Yes
Keith Bokota B’05 Maybe No
Alex Borshch B’05 Yes Yes
Drilona Brecani C’05 Yes No
Katie Broom C’05 Yes No
Christopher Callahan C’05 Yes No
Tom Cerabino C’05 Yes No
Doreen Mah Chi F’05 Yes No
Caroline Cook C’05 No Yes
Lara Deppisch B’05 Yes No
Janelle DiLuccia C’05, MPP’13 Yes No
John Dionisio N’05 Yes No
Zachary Domont C’05 Maybe No
Kyle Elliott C’05 Yes No
Douglas Farrar F’05, SCS’12 Yes Yes
Adam Figueira F’05 Yes No
Colleen Floberg C’05 Yes No
Brigid Garvin C’05 Yes No
John Ghirardelli B’05 Yes No
Dave Gioia F’05 Yes No
Bethany Goldman C’05 Yes No
Julie Grauert C’05 Yes No
Thomas Guirola B’05 Yes No
Grant Gustafson C’05 No Yes
Catalina Gutierrez F’05 Yes No
Anda Halilaj B’05 Yes No
James Helmink F’05 Yes No
Allison Hough C’05 Yes No
Courtney Hyland Hamilton C’05 Yes No
Elissa Iverson N’05 Yes No
Erik Iverson F’05 Yes No
Bryan Johnson F’05 Yes No
Molly Jones C’05 Yes No
Ario Keshani F’05 Yes No
Christina Kirkman Koplik C’05 Yes No
Megan Kistler F’05 Yes No
Samantha Kupferman F’05 Yes No
Eric Lashner C’05 Yes No
Meghan Leahy C’05 Yes No
Dan Leff F’05 Maybe No
Erik Maginnis C’05 Yes No
Christine Maginnis B’05 Yes No
Nikita Malhotra B’05 Yes No
Justin Marchand B’05 Maybe No
Eric Marcotte B’05 Yes No
Brian Marple C’05 Yes No
Tom McKiernan B’05 Yes No
Drew McMahon C’05 Yes No
Margaret McNeill F’05, MBA’12 Yes No
Moira McNulty C’05 Yes No
Erin Meadors C’05 Yes No
Molly Melius F’05 Yes No
Allison Milakofsky B’05 Yes No
Drew "Danger" Miller C’05 Yes No
Patrick Monahan C’05 Yes No
Ryan Mooney B’05 Yes No
Raquel Moreno C’05 Yes No
Caroline Morris C’05 Yes Yes
Hilary Mossberg F’05 Yes Yes
Andrew Nawrocki F’06 Yes No
Liza Nebel B’05 Yes No
Roxanne O'Brien C’05, L’08 Yes No
Oz Ocampo C’05 Yes No
Mike Parker S’05, L’12 Yes No
Michael Patterson C’05 Yes No
Bernard "Skippy" Purcell C’05 Yes No
Sofina Qureshi B’05 Yes No
Aleksandr Rabinovich S’05 Yes No
Copley Read C’05 Yes No
Elizabeth Reynoso F’05 Yes No
Mollie Richardson C’05 Yes Yes
Gina Santino C’05 Yes No
Lauryn Schothorst C’05 Yes No
Adrienne Schreiber C’05 Yes No
Daniela Sevilla C’05, MS’06 Yes No
Lauren Siebert B‘05 Yes No
Matt Siravo B’05 Maybe No
William Skultety B’05 Yes No
Matt Sykes B’05 Yes No
Michael Taormina B’05 Yes No
Jay Tedino B’05 Yes No
Bogdan Tereshchenko F’05 Yes No
Evan Thorn C’05 Yes No
Jessica Timberlake C’05 Yes No
Kat Torre N’05 Maybe No
Daniel Vasquez B’05 Yes No
David Velasquez F’05 Yes No
Kevin Walsh C’05 Yes No
Candy Washington C’05 Yes No
Patricia Weaver S’05 Yes No
Mat Wilson C’05 Yes No
Alexandra Wright F’05 Yes No
Darrell Zlotnick C’05 Yes No
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Raina Aggarwal F’10 Yes No
Rachel Aiello B’10 Yes No
Julie Alcarez B’10 Yes No
Christian Arana F’10 Yes No
Ria Bailey-Galvis F’10, MA’13 Yes No
Greg Baltz F’10 Yes No
Erika Barger C’10 Yes Yes
Valeria Bennett C’10 Yes Yes
Willie Bodrick, II C’10 Yes No
Bissie Bonner C’10 No Yes
Henry Bowe C’10 Yes No
Andrea Boyle N’10 Yes No
Julia Brand F’10 No Yes
Michelle Buchholz N’10 Yes No
Alexa Burr C’10, MS’14 Yes No
Ryan Callahan F’10 Yes No
Cecilia Carvajal N’10 Yes No
Rachel Caywood C’10 Yes No
Dipika Chawla SFS’10 Yes No
Robert Chedid B’10 Yes No
Brian Cook C’10 Yes No
Lauren Cucarola C’10 Yes No
Charlotte Dagher B’10 No Yes
Peter Dagher B’10 No Yes
Caitlin Devine Masserano C’10 Yes No
Andrew Dolan C’10 Yes No
Kate Doyle C’10 Yes No
Julia Engel-Dagher B’10 No Yes
Grace Erdmann C’10 Yes No
Anamaria Ferferi B’10 Yes No
Emilia Ferrara C’09 No Yes
Angela Fioramonti C’10 Yes No
Brian Fochtman C’10 Yes No
Andrew Foley B’10 Yes No
Francesca Fontenot B’10 Yes No
Elizabeth Gaffney C’10 Yes No
Brian Gallagher B’10 Yes No
Jadig Garcia-Tandy C’10 Yes No
John Geager C’10 Yes No
Sarah Gelb B’10 Yes No
Molly Gelsey C’10, MS’11 Maybe No
Bita Ghafouri C’10 Yes No
Shannon Goggin B’10 Yes No
Lillian Green C’10 No Yes
Daniel Haney F’10, G’15 Yes No
Donna Harati F’10 No Yes
Alex Hart F’10 Yes No
Erica Haviland F’10 Maybe No
Sierra Hawthorne F’10 Yes No
Sarah Helinek F’09 No Yes
Daniel Hind C’10 No Yes
Tim Huether F’10 Yes No
Kristin Hussey F’10 Yes No
Alicia Jaramillo-Underwood C’10 Maybe Yes
Kathryn Jiwani B’10 Yes No
Michael Jiwani B’10 Yes No
Raine Johnson N’10 Yes No
Taylor Johnston C’10 Yes No
Christine Kang B’10 Yes No
Mark Kavulich F’10 Yes No
Cara Kavulich C’10 Yes No
Meghan Keneally C’10 Yes No
Margaret Kimball C’10 No Yes
Cindy King C’10 Yes No
Katherine Knise C’10 No Yes
Shannon Koenig C’10 Yes No
Giana Korth MSB’10 Yes No
Jessica Kuntz F’10 Yes No
Margaret Ladd C’10 No Yes
Pamella Laloi B‘10 Yes No
Carter Lavin F’10 Maybe No
James Le Grice C’10 Yes No
Christopher Lee C’10, MS’11 No Yes
Britney Lewis F’10 Yes No
Alexander Lewis-Oakes C’10 Yes No
Jennifer Lieberman C’10 Yes No
Jess Lioon B’10 Yes No
TImothy LiVolsi C’10 Yes Yes
John Llaneza C’10 Yes No
Margaret Lonergan C’10 No Yes
Kelly Lyons C’10 Yes No
Will Magioncalda F’10 Yes No
Natalie Maitre C’10 Yes No
Amber Makani C’10 Yes No
Jonathan Masserano C’10 Yes No
Daniel Matheny B’10 Yes Yes
Rich Mauro B’10 Yes No
Meredith McGrath C’10 Yes Yes
Lauren McIlwaine C’10 Yes No
Laura McKenzie C’10 No Yes
Colleen Mearn C’10 Yes Yes
Caroline Miller B ’10 Yes Yes
Michael Mitchell C’10 Yes No
Joe Moore C’10 Yes No
Natalia Moreno C’10 Yes No
Nicholas Munhofen C’10 Yes Yes
Craig Nadler C’10 Yes No
Wynne Nevins C’10 Yes Yes
Omar Noureldin F’10 Maybe No
Pamela Nwaoko C’10 Yes No
Thomas O'Connor B’10 Yes No
Kaitlin Osborne C’10, MS’11 Yes No
Maija Paegle C’10, SCS’13 Yes No
Paola Paga C’10 Yes No
Francesca Pirog N’10 Yes Yes
Karina Pleitez C’10 Yes No
Taylor Price B’10, S’12 Yes No
Joseph Riggs N’10, G’15 Maybe No
Anthony Risoldi B’10 Yes Yes
Kristen Robinson C’10 Yes No
Tiffany Robinson B’10 Yes No
Karen Roda N’10 No Yes
Cameron Rogers B’10 No Yes
Jennifer Sachs C’10 Yes No
Molly Scalise C’10 Yes No
Alexandra Scott N’10 Maybe No
Jamie Scott C’10 Yes No
Cheriselle Scott C’10 Yes No
Dave Shevlin B’10 Yes No
Colin Shukie C’10 Yes No
Deion Simmons C’10 Yes No
Miykaelah Sinclair F’10 Yes No
Jaskaran Singh N’10, M’15 Yes No
Will Smith F’10 Yes No
Sean Sullinger B’10 Yes No
Conor Supple C’10 Yes No
Emi Suzuki C’10, L’13 Yes No
Peter Swiek B’10 Yes No
Matthew Swift C’10 Yes No
Ashley Tedone C’10 Yes Yes
Joelle Thomas F’10 Yes No
Kelly Van Beveren C’10 Yes No
Jessica Vasquez-Burns B’10 Yes No
Stephen Vather B’10 Maybe No
Edward Walsh C’10 Yes No
Ashley Wilson B’10 Yes No
Monica Wojcik F’10 Yes No
Julie Wyszomierski C’10 No Yes
Abby Zhang F’10 Yes No
Matthew Zuckerman C’10 No Yes
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Tyler Adams C’15 No Yes
Aramide Alaka B’15 No Yes
Mahe Ali C’15 No Yes
Nicole Allain-Stockton B’15 No Yes
Derek Altema N’15 No Yes
Jayme Amann C’15 No Yes
Chukuebuka Anokute C’15 No Yes
Tade Sims Anzalone C’15 No Yes
Maitane Arana F’15 No Yes
Andrew Arbeeny B’15 Yes No
Kate Arnold-Murray C’15, G’20 Yes No
Matt Aronson C’15 Yes No
Annie Austin F’15 Yes Yes
Mary Bacon C’15 No Yes
Robert Baker C’15 No Yes
Stephanie Biggs F’15 Yes Yes
Joseph Blackwell C’15 Yes Yes
Linda Blair C’15 No Yes
Kimberly Blair C’15 Yes No
Darnell Bland Jr. B’15 Yes No
Megan Bodie F’15 No Yes
Christine Bond C’15 Yes Yes
Meaghan Bresnahan C’15 Yes No
Hannah Broadhurst C’15 No Yes
Patrick Brookhouser F’15 Yes No
Merjan Bubernack B’15 No Yes
Joe Bucci C’15 MPS’16 Yes No
Christopher Buffone C’15 No Yes
Julia Butz C’15 No Yes
Marcus Byrd C’15 No Yes
Stephanie Cai B’15 No Yes
Barbara Callahan C’15 Yes Yes
Taylor Calloway C’15 Yes No
Chris Cannataro B’15, L’18 Yes Yes
Katie Capp F’15 Yes No
Mary Caputo B’15 Yes No
Jillian Carter C’15 No Yes
Matthew Castaldo C’15 No Yes
Rodrigo Castellanos F’15 No Yes
Irem Cesur B’15 Yes Yes
Victoria Chai B’15 No Yes
Matthew Chan C’15 No Yes
Thomas Christiansen F’15 Yes No
Christian Chung F’15 Yes No
Kendall Ciesemier C’15 Yes Yes
Jazmine Clarke B’15 Yes No
Emily Coch C’15 Yes No
Elizabeth Coerdt C’15 Yes Yes
Andrea Cohen SFS’15 Yes No
Emma Cohen F’15 No Yes
Remi Cohen C’15 No Yes
Christina Collins B’15 No Yes
Helen Conway C’15 No Yes
Lexi Cotcamp B’15 Yes Yes
Corinne Counsell C’15 Yes Yes
James Coury F’15 No Yes
Bo Julie Crowley C’15 No Yes
Danielle Daley F’15 No Yes
VP Dao F’15 Yes No
Maria Dassum F’15 Maybe No
John Davis C’15 No Yes
Khadijah Davis N’15 No Yes
Sydney Davis B’15 Yes Yes
Sydney Dawson C’15 No Yes
Thomas De Bow C’15 Yes Yes
Richard De La Paz F’15 No Yes
Molly DePippo C’15, MA’16 No Yes
Erin DeSimone C’15 G’16 Yes No
Adrianne Devine B’15 Yes No
Catherine Devlin C’15 No Yes
Jeremy Dietz C’15 Maybe No
Kimberly DiNapoli N’15 No Yes
Melanie Dodge B’15 No Yes
Adam Dorko B’15 No Yes
Katherine Dubois C’15 No Yes
Kees Dulfer B’15 No Yes
Kyle Ehrlich C’15 Yes Yes
Caroline Epstein F’15 No Yes
Cayla Fappiano N’15, M’21 Yes Yes
Aaron Feltman C’15 Yes No
Ziran Feng C’05 Yes No
Andrea Fernandez C’15 No Yes
Mikaela Ferrill C’15 Yes No
Christopher Ferzli C’15 Yes Yes
Naomi Fierro C’15 No Yes
Audrey Finnegan MSB’15 Yes Yes
Samantha Foggan B’15 No Yes
Daisy Franco F’15 No Yes
Edouard Freda B’15 No Yes
Emily Gaffney B’15 No Yes
Alexander Galan F’15 No Yes
Sofia Galatas MSB’15 Yes No
Michaela Gallo N’15 Yes No
Esteban Garcia F’15 No Yes
Connor Gilbert F’15 Yes No
Samantha Giordano B’15 No Yes
Clare Goggins C’15, M’19 No Yes
Juan Goncalves Rodrigues F’15 No Yes
Joseph Gowen B’15 Maybe No
Samuel Greco F’15, L’19 No Yes
William Greco C’15 Yes Yes
Alexis Grevers C’15 No Yes
Phillip Hah F’15 No Yes
Matt Hamblin C’15 Yes No
Sarah Hand C’15 Yes Yes
Robert Hausen C’15 No Yes
Michael Henze N’15 Yes Yes
Thelma Hernandez C’15 Yes No
Charles Hernandez-Hermann F’15 No Yes
Sara Hewitt N’15 No Yes
Philip Heyward C’15 No Yes
Ryan Hickey B’15 Yes Yes
Preston Hill C’15 No Yes
Matt Hollenbeck B’15 Maybe No
Laura Iglehart C’15 No Yes
Sana Imam C’15 Yes No
Calvin Jackson C’15 No Yes
Trishla Jain F’15 Yes Yes
Nicole Jarvis C’15 No Yes
Ziad Jawadi C’15 No Yes
Julia Jester C’15 Yes No
Jiajia Jiang N’15 No Yes
Christine Johnson F’15 No Yes
Monchen Kao F’15 No Yes
Nancy Karches C’15 No Yes
Tiara Kawser B’15 Yes Yes
Katharine Keane C’15 No Yes
Katharine Kechejian N’15, MS’16 No Yes
Christian Keenum B’15 No Yes
Laura Kelly B’15 Yes Yes
Katherine Key F’15 No Yes
Courtney Kishbaugh C’15 Yes Yes
Katherine Kisinger C’15 Yes Yes
Shane Korber N’15 No Yes
Christopher Kraft F’05 Yes Yes
Corey Kupersmith B’15 No Yes
Adrian Lam B’15 Yes No
Julian Lee C’15 M’17 Yes No
Lewis Leone C’15 Yes No
Elaine Li F’15 Yes Yes
Brenda Li B’15 Yes Yes
Christina Ling B’15 No Yes
David Lizza C’15, MBA’21 Yes Yes
Alexandra Logerfo C’15 Yes No
Leann Louis N’15 No Yes
Alice Lu B’15 No Yes
Ian Lundy C’15 No Yes
Jaime Lunny C’15 Yes No
Amanda Maisonave C’15 Yes No
Nishant Malana B’15 No Yes
Meg Malhame B’15 Yes No
Shannon Manley C’15, MBA’21 No Yes
Benjamin Manzione F’15 No Yes
Megan Marinelli C’15 No Yes
Eileen Marino Brookhouser N’15 Yes No
Sophie Maskin C’15 No Yes
Revathi Maturi B’15 Yes Yes
Charlie McCormick B’15 Yes Yes
Alexandra McCourt B’15 Yes No
Ehvyn McDaniels C’15 No Yes
Nicole McKenzie B’15 Yes No
Janice Medina N’15 Yes No
Micheal Merino C’15 Yes Yes
Daniella Mitchell B’15 No Yes
Patrick Moore B’15 No Yes
Matthew Moran B’15 No Yes
Kaitlyn Morio C’15 No Yes
Victoria Moroney F’15 No Yes
Kelly Mosser F’15 No Yes
Elizabeth Mueller B’15 No Yes
Taylor Muentener N’15 No Yes
Hannah Muldavin C’15 Yes No
Bridget Mullen C’15 Yes Yes
Phyu Myat Kyaw F’15 No Yes
Jessica Natinsky C’15 Yes Yes
Emma Nealon C’15 No Yes
Caitlin Nilles C’15 Yes No
Michael Norton B’15 Yes No
Courtney Nugent C’15 No Yes
Jordan Ochs B’15 Yes Yes
Madeline Outland C’15 Yes No
Esther Owolabi C’15 Yes No
Chandler Payne B’15 Yes No
Sarah Pemberton F’15 Yes No
Shauntell Pinckney C’15, MPP’19 No Yes
Arianne Price F’15, MBA’21 No Yes
Daryl Pugh C’15 Yes No
Teresa Pulaski F’15 No Yes
Reine Rambert C’15 No Yes
Vinay Rao C’15 Yes Yes
Ryan Rattay B’15 Yes Yes
Casey Rattay B’15 Yes Yes
Peter Ren C’15 No Yes
Zenaida Reyes C’15 Yes Yes
Martin Rincon C’15 Yes No
Colleen Roberts C’15 No Yes
Katherine Robertshaw N’15 No Yes
Sameer Rustagi C’15 No Yes
William Rydzewski C’15 No Yes
Michael Saba B’15 No Yes
Noreen Sajwani N’15 Maybe No
Joshua Sattel C’15 No Yes
Colleen Scanlon C’15 Yes No
Albert Scerbo C’15 Yes No
Katherine Schertz N’15 No Yes
Devon Shannahan C’15 Yes Yes
Christina Sharkey C’15 Yes Yes
Rory Shepard B’15 No Yes
Anna (Annie) Sheppard F’15 Yes No
Roberto Sierra C’15 No Yes
Elizabeth Sikora C’15 No Yes
Dan Silkman C’15 Yes Yes
Sebastian Silva C’15 Yes No
Sydney Simmons C’15 No Yes
Jackson Sinnenberg C’15 Yes Yes
Mike Spinelli B’15 Yes Yes
Camille Squires C’15 Yes No
Albert Striano B’15 No Yes
Kathryn Stuke B’15 Yes No
Sean Sullivan B’15 No Yes
Brian Sullivan B’15 Yes Yes
Maria Taboaco B’15 No Yes
Caroline Tarzian B’15 Yes No
Matthew Thees C’15 Yes Yes
Ediana Then C’15 Yes No
Adelaide Thompson N’15 No Yes
Mia Towle C’15 Yes Yes
Alex Tropiano B’15 No Yes
Gibson Vaught C’15 No Yes
Sonia Vora F’15 No Yes
Lily Wang F’15 No Yes
Jeffrey Weldon C’15 No Yes
Sophia Weng MSB’15 Yes Yes
Chris White B’15 Yes No
Thomas Williams B’15 No Yes
Michaela Wright C’15 No Yes
Sapir Yarden F’15 No Yes
Katrina Yeh N’15 No Yes
Michael Zanko F’15 Yes No
Magis Reunion
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Robert Anders F’50 Maybe No
Patricia Brenner F’67 No Yes
Peter Carroll C’55 Yes No
Robert Colby C’49, L’51 No Yes
Joseph Creevy C’65 Yes No
Joseph DeStefano C’65 Yes No
Gerard Etzel C’55 Yes No
Greg Gibadlo C’68 Yes No
Sara Maddux F’65 Yes No
Charles Pacifico C’60 Maybe No
School of Dentistry
Name GUSY RSVP Registered
Frederick Baker D’75 Yes No
Stephen Bakios D’74 No Yes
William Barbour D’70 Yes Yes
Thao Bui-Nguyen D’90 Maybe No
Emilio Canal D’90 No Yes
Eric Cantor D’90 No Yes
Jay Cazes D’90 No Yes
Maria Elena Cruz D’90 Yes Yes
Robert Donahue D’85 No Yes
Peter Garofoli D’70 Yes No
Dante Gulino D’90, M’97 No Yes
Justine Ippolito-Fata D’90 Yes No
Clarence Lindquist D’70 No Yes
Carolyn Loughlin-Horchos D’90 Yes No
Carolyn Malon D’85 Yes No
Dave Preble D’80 Yes No
Greg Solomon D’90 No Yes
Dave Tracy D’80 Yes No
John Verville D’90 Yes No
Linda Wu D’90 Yes No
Frank Zaino D’70 Yes Yes