Who's Coming

Check this page frequently for a list of alumni who are saving the date for Reunion 2019! Use this list to see which of your friends, classmates, and former roommates are making plans to come home to Georgetown from May 31 - June 2, 2019!

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If you have any questions or changes, please e-mail alumnirelations@georgetown.edu or call 202-687-6800.

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Class: 1969
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Michael Genz F'69 1969 Yes No
William (Bill) Champlin F'69 1969 Yes Yes
Thomas (TJ) Reed C'69 1969 Yes No
Leonard (Len) Quaranto I'69 1969 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Canty I'69 1969 Yes No
Francis (Frank) Previti C'69, R'79 1969 Yes No
Thomas (Tom) Casey C'69 1969 Yes No
Maureen Pflum I'69 1969 Yes Yes
Veronica Keller Cavalla N'69 1969 Yes No
Mary Ann Crowley Champlin F'69 1969 Yes Yes
Edward Parr C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Carol Annett Renner N'69 1969 Yes No
Louis Chartz C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Joseph (Joe) O'Donnell C'69 1969 Yes No
Ludwig (Lud) Cibelli C'69, M'73 1969 Yes No
Thomas (Tom) Nannicelli F'69 1969 Yes No
Christopher Murray C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Peter Collins C'69 1969 Yes No
Betty Datig Connal N'69 1969 Yes No
Brian Mulholland F'69 1969 Yes No
Richard (Rick) Regensburg C'69 1969 Yes No
Richard Callahan C'69, L'72 1969 Yes Yes
Stephen Morganstern B'69 1969 Yes No
Marcia Boyd F'69 1969 Yes No
William (Bill) Berkson F'69 1969 Yes No
Christopher (Chris) Speed C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Paul Besozzi F'69, L'72 1969 Yes No
Robert (Bob) Smyth C'69 1969 Yes No
Kathleen Lombard Smyk N'69 1969 Yes Yes
John Slack F'69 1969 Yes No
Bruce Simmons B'69 1969 Yes Yes
Jacqueline Signori N'69 1969 Yes Yes
John (Jack) Scarola C'69, L'73 1969 Yes Yes
Paula Roush Riggs F'69 1969 Yes No
Suzanne Napolitano Sblendorio N'69 1969 Yes No
Edward Santoro C'69 1969 Yes No
Ronald Salo C'69 1969 Maybe No
David Rutt B'69 1969 Yes No
James (Jim) Ross C'69 1969 Yes No
John Buckley C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Thomas (Tom) Roberts C'69, L'72 1969 Yes Yes
Roland Riggs F'69 1969 Yes No
Carol Ballard Mournighan N'69 1969 Yes No
Alfredo Montero B'69, MA'71 1969 Yes Yes
Daniel (Dan) Benton C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Daniel Hickey F'69 1969 Yes No
John Kelly F'69 1969 Yes No
Luci Johnson N'69 1969 Yes Yes
Andrew Feiring C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Diane VanDusen Janulis N'69 1969 Yes No
E. Michael (Mike) Hunter F'69 1969 Maybe No
Michael (Mike) Hoon F'69 1969 Yes Yes
William Hoffman I'69 1969 Yes No
Teresa (Terri) Haigerty Hiro N'69 1969 Yes Yes
Robert (Bob) Francis C'69 1969 Yes No
Richard Komson C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Harry Hayman F'69 1969 Yes No
Ken Furtado C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Gail Barlow Gall N'69 1969 Yes No
Donald Haggerty C'69, M'79 1969 Yes No
Tracy Murphy Guy N'69 1969 Yes No
Jo Garaventa N'69 1969 Yes No
Bruce Goral C'69 1969 Yes No
Roger Geiss C'69 1969 Yes No
Joseph (Joe) Fanelli I'69 1969 Yes Yes
Robert (Bob) Elster C'69 1969 Yes No
Edward (Ed) Costanza C'69 1969 Yes No
Donald (Chip) Dawson C'69 1969 Yes No
Michael (Mike) Monico C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Philip (Phil) Moller C'69 1969 Yes No
Michael (Crash) Crescenzo C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Astra Chapin Michels F'69, MSA'83 1969 Yes No
Foster Mellen C'69 1969 Yes No
John Dalton F'69, L'72 1969 Yes No
John (Jack) McNamara B'69, L'73 1969 Yes No
Peter McGuire F'69 1969 Yes No
Patrick McCarthy F'69 1969 Yes No
Louise Lague I'69 1969 Yes Yes
David McBride C'69, L'73 1969 Yes Yes
Harold (Hal) Matson I'69, MS'72 1969 Yes Yes
Frank Manginello C'69, M'73, R'75 1969 Yes Yes
Marsha Dobrzynski N'69 1969 Yes No
Joseph (Joe) Lonardo C'69 1969 Yes Yes
John (Jack) Donlon C'69 1969 Yes Yes
James Lavin C'69 1969 Yes Yes
Briggs Larkin I'69 1969 Yes No
Joseph (Joe) Duckett C'69 1969 Yes No
Paul Steube C'69 1969 Yes No
Nina Cohen I'69 1969 Yes Yes
Kevin Sullivan B'69 1969 Yes No
Donald (Don) Abrams F'69 1969 Yes No
James Taylor B'69 1969 Yes No
Micheline (Mish) Vavrick Tholl N'69 1969 Yes Yes
John Beagan C'69 1969 Maybe No
J. Randle (Randy) Adair C'69 1969 Yes Yes
B. Joseph (Joe) White F'69 1969 Yes Yes
John Varley F'69 1969 Yes No
Neal Zimmermann C'69, L'73 1969 Yes Yes
Cliff Balkam C'69 1969 Yes No
Frederick (Fred) Suman B'69 1969 Yes No
Daniel Sullivan C'69, L'77 1969 Yes Yes
Linus Beck F'69 1969 Yes No
Christopher (Chris) Theriot C'69 1969 Yes No
Denise Belanger N'69 1969 Yes No
William (Bill) Stoll F'69 1969 Yes No
Richard (Rich) Ardoin C'69, L'73 1969 Yes Yes
Joanne Rackowski Stone N'69 1969 Yes No
Rosemary Ruggieri Baer N'69 1969 Yes No
Marcia Wiss F'69, L'72 1969 Yes No
Barbara Hooper Sude I'69 1969 Yes No
William (Bill) Suliburk C'69 1969 Yes No
Gregory (Greg) Waters C'69 1969 Yes No
Class: 1974
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Thomas (Tom) Ryan C'74 1974 Yes No
Mary Jordan Hughes C'74 1974 Yes No
Nancy O'Neal Carter I'74 1974 Yes Yes
Nicholas (Nick) Exarhakis C'74 1974 Maybe No
Susan (Susie) Kennedy Sullivan N'74 1974 Yes No
Louis (Lou) Fabrizio C'74 1974 Yes No
Nina Pirogov-Bennett I'74 1974 Yes Yes
Kathleen (Katie) Wright F'74 1974 Yes No
Benjamin Sands C'74 1974 Yes No
Janine Farhat I'74, MS'77 1974 Maybe No
Kile Ozier F'74 1974 Yes No
Kerry Witkin F'74 1974 Yes Yes
Robin Lowery Witkin F'74 1974 Yes Yes
Patricia (Pat) Mahoney C'74, L'79 1974 Yes No
George Malouf C'74 1974 Yes No
Andrea Connolly Rogers N'74 1974 Yes No
Robert Kerr F'74 1974 Yes Yes
Sean Healey C'74 1974 Yes No
Lou Viscich Abbott I'74, MS'75 1974 Yes Yes
John Halebian C'74 1974 Yes No
Eugene Slowinski C'74 1974 Yes Yes
Clifford (Cliff) Richner C'74, L'78 1974 Maybe No
Gary Lau C'74, M'78, R'82 1974 Yes No
Ray (Rochester Ray) Shaheen B'74 1974 Yes Yes
Alan Cyron B'74 1974 Yes No
Bill Monroe C'74 1974 Yes Yes
Martin Forman C'74, MS'76 1974 Yes No
Glenn Corbett C'74 1974 Maybe No
Fred Langbein C'74 1974 Yes No
Peter Morris C'74 1974 Yes No
Thomas (Tom) A'Becket C'74, D'77 1974 Yes Yes
Gloria Brogan Flanagan F'74, L'78 1974 Yes Yes
Paul Croarkin B'74 1974 Yes No
Class: 1979
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Michael Allen F'79 1979 Yes No
Michael Perlmuter C'79 1979 Yes No
Paul Largay C'79 1979 Yes No
Helga Stoess Warren F'79 1979 Yes Yes
Elaine Pochtar B'79 1979 Yes Yes
Keith Dorman F'79 1979 Yes No
Michael (Mike) Lindquist I'79 1979 Yes No
Thomas (Tom) Poletti F'79 1979 Yes No
Curtis (Curt) Meltzer C'79 1979 Yes Yes
Bridget Kirwin Tibbetts F'79 1979 Yes No
Doreen Rooney Amorosa B'79 1979 Yes Yes
Kenneth (Ken) Moore C'79 1979 Yes No
Christine Garea Cole C'79 1979 Yes No
Colleen Grogan Moore C'79 1979 Yes No
Abbie Van Nostrand B'79 1979 Yes Yes
Bernie Cummings F'79 1979 Yes Yes
Antonio (Tony) Mendes I'79 1979 Maybe No
John Curran B'79 1979 Yes No
Patricia (Patti) Migliaccio Curran N'79 1979 Yes No
Felicia Koppelman Meier I'79 1979 Yes No
David Norton C'79 1979 Yes No
Michael (Mike) Novak C'79 1979 Yes No
Diane Damskey F'79 1979 Yes Yes
Nancy Oakes B'79 1979 Yes No
Mark (Mac) McAdams C'79 1979 Yes No
Joan McGovern B'79, MA'85 1979 Maybe No
Anne McCreary O'Connor C'79 1979 Maybe No
John McGannon C'79 1979 Yes Yes
Lisa-Maria Wisniewski de Grouchy N'79 1979 Yes No
Mark McDonough F'79 1979 Yes No
Catherine Kozinski Quinn N'79 1979 Yes Yes
Joan O'Grady Barada N'79 1979 Yes No
Elizabeth (Beth) Gannon O'Malley I'79, MS'81 1979 Yes Yes
J. Martin O'Malley B'79 1979 Yes Yes
Michele Zientek Dearborn N'79 1979 Yes No
Christopher (Chris) McDonough C'79 1979 Maybe No
Albert del Castillo C'79, L'82 1979 Yes No
Frank Demarais C'79 1979 Yes No
Louis Eby C'79 1979 Yes No
William (Bill) Reynolds C'79 1979 Yes Yes
Patricia (Patty) Carney Raymond N'79 1979 Yes No
Aileen Hooks F'79 1979 Yes No
W. David (David) Brown F'79 1979 Yes No
Sidney (Sid) Brown B'79 1979 Maybe No
Stephanie Read C'79 1979 Yes Yes
Angela Iorianni-Cimbak N'79 1979 Yes No
Lorayne Fiorillo C'79, MS'82 1979 Yes No
Thomas Woodley C'79, MA'86 1979 Yes No
Robert (Bob) Schmid B'79 1979 Yes No
Martha Suits Schram F'79 1979 Yes Yes
Lonny Schwartz B'79, L'82 1979 Yes Yes
John (Jack) Seaman B'79 1979 Yes Yes
Cathy O'Keefe Jarcho N'79 1979 Yes No
Janet Fleishman I'79 1979 Yes No
Phillip (Phill) Fletcher F'79 1979 Yes No
Andrew Fois C'79, L'83 1979 Yes Yes
Margaret Henry I'79 1979 Yes No
Michael Zientek B'79 1979 Yes No
Leslie Ulon Harkins B'79 1979 Yes No
Patricia McCarthy Zientek F'79 1979 Yes No
Elizabeth (Betsey) Beckman C'79 1979 Yes Yes
Martha Shaughnessey Gardner C'79 1979 Yes No
John Glaser C'79 1979 Yes No
Richard (Rich) Fiesta C'79, L'82, MA'82 1979 Yes Yes
Kathleen (Kathy) Miller Tyler N'79 1979 Yes No
Jill Kastanek B'79 1979 Yes Yes
Jane Burke N'79 1979 Yes No
Teresa Cahill C'79, M'87 1979 Yes No
Gary Kleinman B'79 1979 Yes No
Patricia (Patti) Buckman Richards B'79 1979 Yes Yes
Robert Bangert-Drowns C'79 1979 Yes No
Carol Sarajian Kennelly C'79 1979 Yes No
Teresa (Tess) Koncick F'79, L'85 1979 Yes No
Michael Wise F'79 1979 Yes Yes
Michelle (Missy) Scoville Burke C'79 1979 Yes Yes
Emily Gold Krucoff C'79 1979 Yes Yes
John Keane B'79 1979 Yes No
Brian Robbins I'79 1979 Yes No
Wayne Lambert C'79 1979 Yes No
Class: 1984
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Jill Miller Zimon C'84 1984 Yes Yes
Margaret Taylor Conaton C'84 1984 Yes No
Laurel Beutler Gibaldi C'84 1984 Yes No
Michael Furgueson C'84 1984 Yes Yes
Hilary Gomes C'84 1984 Yes No
Patricia Cooper F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Marianne Sloan Gale I'84 1984 Yes No
Ginger Gaines C'84 1984 Yes Yes
Richard Grant B'84 1984 Yes No
Mark Lanspa B'84 1984 Yes No
Teresa Andrews B'84 1984 Yes No
Gillian Panczyk Van Schaick C'84 1984 Yes No
Lisa Ansanelli Guida N'84 1984 Yes No
Lisa Swartz Meier C'84 1984 Yes Yes
Peter Meier F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Nancy Pietropaolo Lemoine N'84 1984 Yes No
Maria Fells Lavin F'84 1984 Yes No
Drew Fine B'84 1984 Yes Yes
F. Kennedy (Ken) Farrell C'84 1984 Yes Yes
Kerry Manning Joseph I'84 1984 Yes Yes
Rob Maynard C'84 1984 Yes No
James (Jim) Joseph C'84, L'89 1984 Yes No
John (Jack) Warner F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Laura Erdos Fernandez N'84 1984 Yes Yes
Christopher DeMarco B'84 1984 Yes No
Susan Kohl Malone N'84 1984 Yes No
Andrea McDermott Hyer F'84, L'90 1984 Yes No
Christine McSherry C'84 1984 Yes No
Nancy Kurilla Falk F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Everardo de Armas C'84 1984 Yes Yes
Thomas (Tom) Donahue C'84 1984 Yes Yes
Mary Dillon Dillon Kerwin C'84 1984 Yes No
Sushiela (Sue) Duggal Kidman F'84 1984 Yes No
LeeAnn Stauffer Dance F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Marsha Massih C'84 1984 Yes Yes
Peter Lawrence B'84 1984 Yes Yes
Letizia (Tiz) Tomacelli Filomarino F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Katherine (Kathy) Reynolds Abbott C'84, MA'85 1984 Yes No
Carla Straniero Barone C'84 1984 Yes No
Kirk Nahra C'84 1984 Yes No
Kathleen (Kathy) Paprocki-O'Keefe B'84 1984 Yes No
Nora Burke Patton C'84 1984 Yes No
Juliet Watkins Romano C'84 1984 Yes No
Babette Casey Schubert F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Adam Clemens F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Cheryl-Ann Searson Cohen C'84 1984 Yes No
Adelina (Chiqui) Reyes-Gavilan F'84, L'95 1984 Yes Yes
Jeremiah (Jerry) Sullivan F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Karin Assmann F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Luis Caceres B'84 1984 Yes No
Jeannine Pascal B'84 1984 Yes No
Marc Riddick C'84 1984 Yes No
Leslie Menard Sharkey B'84 1984 Yes No
Pamela (Pam) Kiefhaber Bolton N'84 1984 Yes No
Judith (Judy) Stracquatanio Sullivan C'84 1984 Yes No
Allison Nussbaum C'84 1984 Yes No
Deirdre Williams Bond B'84 1984 Yes No
Melissa Bateman Bishop F'84 1984 Yes Yes
Jamie Feild Baker F'84 1984 Yes No
Bernadette St. John C'84 1984 Yes Yes
Diane Kleissler Prentice C'84 1984 Yes No
Virginia (Ginny) Poole C'84, MA'87 1984 Yes No
James (Jimmy) Rizzo C'84 1984 Yes No
Philip Baker B'84 1984 Yes No
Mariellen Sullivan Carpenter C'84, S'17 1984 Yes Yes
Philip (Flip) Cohen B'84 1984 Yes No
Joseph Polito C'84 1984 Yes No
Caroline (Carrie) O'Neill I'84 1984 Yes No
Christiane (Chris) Pittaluga N'84 1984 Yes No
Marianne Anooshian Simoni F'84, L'87 1984 Yes Yes
Nathan (Nate) Simms F'84 1984 Yes No
David Boyd C'84 1984 Yes No
Class: 1989
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
George Bunch C'89 1989 Yes No
Janice Stoddard-Moore N'89 1989 Yes No
Renee Roland C'89 1989 Yes No
Madeline Sutton C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Norman Fekrat C'89 1989 Yes No
Jennifer Smith Feltwell N'89 1989 Yes No
Kelly Bryan C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Kristin Kaldor B'89 1989 Yes No
Nona Mitchell Richardson F'89 1989 Yes No
Theodore (Ted) Barassi F'89 1989 Yes No
Siobhain Lyons Towell B'89 1989 Yes No
Christina (Chrissie) Masdea Landolfi C'89, L'92 1989 Yes No
Danielle Harris Tezcan F'89 1989 Maybe No
Kim Kuryea B'89 1989 Yes No
Stacey Kuch C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Marianne Kotubetey F'89 1989 Yes No
Gillian Murphy Reilly C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Williams C'89 1989 Yes No
Richard Burke C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Edward (Ted) English B'89 1989 Yes No
Robert Ennis B'89 1989 Yes No
Michelle Rubie-Smith F'89 1989 Yes No
Jennifer Burns C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Todd Burnette B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Denise Barrat Rivas B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Raymond (Ray) Ficca C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Margaret Hunt C'89 1989 Yes No
Christopher Rutledge F'89 1989 Yes No
Margaret Van Houten Blanchard C'89 1989 Yes No
Jennifer (Jeni) Hart F'89 1989 Yes No
Paul Shmotolokha F'89 1989 Yes Yes
Margaret (Peggy) Judge Hamilton C'89 1989 Yes No
Leslie Hunley Sholly C'89 1989 Yes No
Susan (Susie) Der Garry Haleblian B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Neil Bleicken C'89 1989 Yes No
Kristin Haldeman C'89 1989 Yes No
Kim Gutterman C'89 1989 Yes No
Kristi Delaire Blount B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Kirk Blackman B'89 1989 Yes No
Jeffrey Guelcher B'89 1989 Yes No
Christine James Guelcher N'89 1989 Yes No
Sabrina Ramirez Slade B'89 1989 Yes No
Beatrice (Bea) Spates de Lannoy F'89 1989 Yes Yes
Perry Zizzi C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Eve Goldstein C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Peter (Pete) Giacone B'89 1989 Yes No
F. Scott (Scott) Shea C'89, L'94 1989 Yes No
Richard Furey C'89 1989 Yes No
Gretchen Meisenzahl Sabol C'89 1989 Yes No
Meghan Bradley C'89 1989 Maybe No
Shelby (Elizabeth) Mayhew Saer C'89 1989 Yes Yes
David Baum F'89 1989 Yes No
Nikitah (Reapa) Imani F'89 1989 Yes No
Marianne Herman Schell C'89 1989 Yes No
Steven Schell B'89 1989 Yes No
Frances (Francie) Penny Capuano N'89 1989 Yes No
Robert (Rob) Fisher F'89 1989 Yes No
David Hooper B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Marc Flamino B'89 1989 Yes Yes
John Fuisz C'89 1989 Yes No
Evan Seideman B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Stephen (Steve) Holowesko C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Lisa Pawly Wright N'89 1989 Yes No
Yvette Wilson Young B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Margaret Sequeira C'89 1989 Yes No
Alan Himmer F'89 1989 Yes No
Shannon Hill C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Thomas (Tom) Zachar F'89 1989 Yes No
Marc Puntus B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Kathleen Coughlin Wilks B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Gwynn Dujardin C'89 1989 Yes No
Lisa Stanczak Aneiva F'89 1989 Yes No
Regina (Gigi) Metz C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Sarah Davies Murray F'89 1989 Yes Yes
John Creevy B'89 1989 Yes No
Mindy Kirby Millward B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Todd Cox C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Michael Moeller B'89 1989 Maybe No
Katharine (Kate) Kovach Gerard C'89 1989 Yes No
Michelle Kenvin Menzia C'89 1989 Yes No
Carol de Fries Colby C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Bernard (Bernie) Park C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Sean Todd F'89 1989 Yes No
Andrea Clerk B'89 1989 Yes No
Courtney Corroon B'89 1989 Yes No
Michelle Thompson C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Marissa Sollitto McDonnell C'89, M'93, R'97 1989 Yes Yes
Josephine (Josie) LeCraw Nelson C'89 1989 Yes No
Rebecca Schmalzried Martorella B'89 1989 Yes No
John McLoughlin C'89 1989 Yes No
Robert Melanson F'89 1989 Yes No
Laura Ferris Anderson I'89, MBA'97, MPP'97 1989 Yes No
Eri Noguchi C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Gregory (Greg) Ast B'89 1989 Yes No
Deanne Collins Ciatto C'89 1989 Yes No
Jill Amel Dash C'89 1989 Yes No
Claire Comas McIntyre B'89 1989 Maybe No
Eirene (Ren) Horey Choroser N'89 1989 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Verni C'89 1989 Yes No
Kathleen (Kate) Shima O'Brien C'89 1989 Yes Yes
James (Jim) O'Connor C'89, L'94 1989 Yes No
Teresa Reisgies Stevenson I'89 1989 Yes No
Joseph (Joe) Wagner C'89 1989 Yes No
Geoff Odlum F'89 1989 Yes No
Richard Martorella B'89 1989 Yes No
William (Bill) Dailey C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Christina (Chrissy) Gaberino Van Houten C'89 1989 Yes Yes
George Arden C'89 1989 Yes No
John Duggan C'89, L'92 1989 Yes Yes
Robert (Bobby) Largay C'89 1989 Yes No
Daniel Towell B'89 1989 Yes No
Stuart (Stu) Pollard B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Mark Western C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Deirdre Lightfoot C'89 1989 Yes No
Stewart Muller C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Scott Lippstreu B'89 1989 Yes No
Edward Murphy C'89 1989 Yes No
Douglas (Doug) Donohue B'89 1989 Yes No
James Murray C'89 1989 Yes No
Margaret Morgan Weichert F'89 1989 Yes Yes
Jeffrey (Jeff) West C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Mark Loughman C'89 1989 Yes Yes
Richard Cooney B'89 1989 Yes No
Leah Manuel Maddox B'89 1989 Yes Yes
Stacey Watson F'89 1989 Yes Yes
Christina Manca I'89 1989 Yes No
Paige Conner Totaro C'89 1989 Yes No
Karl Murphy C'89 1989 Yes No
Class: 1994
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Julie (Judith) Zack C'94 1994 Yes No
Jacqueline (Jackie) Stelling F'94 1994 Yes No
Laurie Regan Gronowski N'94 1994 Maybe No
James (Jamie) Moorhead C'94 1994 Maybe No
Lauren Henderson I'94 1994 Yes No
Richard (Rick) Heitzmann B'94 1994 Yes Yes
Maria Gillmo Herrlin B'94 1994 Maybe No
Audrey Herz I'94 1994 Maybe No
Michael (Mike) Higgins C'94 1994 Yes No
Glen Moore C'94 1994 Yes Yes
Stacey Brown Nevel B'94 1994 Yes No
Melissa Stack C'94 1994 Yes No
Sarah (Sally) Harrington Gilligan B'94 1994 Yes No
Erikka Martin Gray C'94 1994 Yes No
Matthew (Matt) Gobush F'94 1994 Yes No
John (Jay) Murphy B'94 1994 Yes No
Bridget Bradley Gray C'94, MBA'03, MPP'03 1994 Yes No
Brian Hayden F'94 1994 Yes No
Christopher (Chris) Mitchell C'94 1994 Yes No
Sheryl (Sherry) Goldyn F'94 1994 Yes No
Alison Miller Havel C'94 1994 Yes No
Jacqueline (Jackie) Natter C'94 1994 Yes No
Anthony (Tony) Stuart C'94 1994 Yes No
William (Bill) Goodbody C'94 1994 Yes No
Kathryn Cholko Haggquist C'94 1994 Yes No
Laura Hughes Reilly C'94 1994 Yes No
Michael Niborski C'94 1994 Yes No
Patrick Lord C'94 1994 Yes Yes
Bethany Kantrowitz C'94 1994 Maybe No
Kevin Pellegrini B'94 1994 Yes No
Chris Perkins B'94 1994 Yes Yes
Patrick Thomas F'94 1994 Yes No
Troy Williams B'94 1994 Yes No
Matthew Luckett C'94 1994 Yes No
Courtney Kelleher Rinaldi C'94 1994 Yes No
Willie Tate B'94 1994 Yes Yes
Lucy (Lucinda) Rickett Ridgwell B'94 1994 Yes No
David King C'94 1994 Yes No
Claudia Quintero Jolivert B'94 1994 Yes No
Jordan Klein B'94 1994 Maybe No
James (Jim) Pisula B'94 1994 Yes No
Christina Lobes C'94 1994 Yes Yes
Albert Revah B'94 1994 Yes Yes
Nadja Pisula-Litoff C'94 1994 Yes No
Jeffrey (Jeff) Taylor C'94 1994 Yes No
John Lewis C'94 1994 Yes No
Robert (Bob) Wilhelm B'94 1994 Yes No
Rob Poirier C'94 1994 Yes No
Jeffrey Lang F'94 1994 Yes No
Gina Cambria Marinelli C'94 1994 Yes Yes
Meagan McInerney Johnson C'94 1994 Yes No
Andrew Sell C'94 1994 Yes No
Valerie Torres C'94 1994 Yes No
Melissa Hoehn Nigro I'94 1994 Yes No
Janelle (JP) Piepergerdes Hofeditz B'94 1994 Yes Yes
Arlene Quiason Vermylen C'94, L'98 1994 Yes No
Joseph (Joe) Seliga C'94 1994 Yes No
Serena Scott-Ram C'94 1994 Yes No
Kevin McMahon C'94, S'97 1994 Yes No
Thomas (Tom) Lardner B'94 1994 Yes No
Julie Miles Hunter C'94 1994 Yes No
Ruth Igoe C'94 1994 Yes No
John Santoro B'94 1994 Yes No
Nadir Isfahani B'94 1994 Yes No
Nevins McCann B'94 1994 Yes Yes
Melissa Coors Osborn F'94 1994 Yes Yes
William (Bill) McCulloch B'94 1994 Yes No
Mark Walker F'94 1994 Yes No
Sheila O'Sullivan C'94 1994 Yes No
Camille Cazayoux Jenman C'94 1994 Yes No
Grant Jenman F'94 1994 Yes No
Susan Otremba N'94 1994 Yes No
Julia Hill Jernigan C'94 1994 Yes No
Daniel (Dan) Johnson C'94 1994 Yes Yes
Luis Torres F'94 1994 Yes No
Richard (Rich) Muller F'94 1994 Yes No
Jacqueline Rosario Raia F'94 1994 Maybe No
Margo Doyle Dhaliwal B'94 1994 Yes Yes
Kimberly Shapiro Fustic B'94 1994 Yes No
Regina Crespo DeMeo F'94 1994 Yes Yes
Jon Estanislao B'94 1994 Yes No
Chris Doppman C'94 1994 Yes No
Cecily Cohen F'94, MA'95 1994 Yes No
Elizabeth Fang C'94 1994 Yes No
Daniel (Dan) Gallagher C'94 1994 Yes No
Palmina Fava C'94 1994 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Fazio B'94 1994 Yes No
Anne Copper DiFronzo F'94 1994 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Capistran F'94 1994 Yes No
Rodrick (Rod) Dembowski B'94 1994 Yes No
Colleen McCormick Amuso B'94 1994 Yes No
Lauren Barry DiSarno C'94 1994 Yes No
Jane Keenan Carroll C'94, MBA'00 1994 Yes Yes
Mo Elleithee F'94 1994 Yes No
Matthew Doherty C'94 1994 Yes No
Christine DeBenedictis Ambro C'94 1994 Yes No
Marc Bellanger B'94 1994 Yes Yes
Maia Sloss Carson F'94 1994 Yes No
Kristin Cashin C'94 1994 Yes No
Corey Davis B'94 1994 Yes Yes
Paul Belkin C'94 1994 Yes Yes
Sonia Alvarez B'94 1994 Yes No
Ben Chang F'94 1994 Yes No
Vivien Chan C'94 1994 Maybe No
Joshua Brady C'94 1994 Yes Yes
Michelle Snyder Brady F'94 1994 Yes Yes
Kathleen Brannigan C'94 1994 Yes No
Boris Erenburg B'94 1994 Maybe No
Grayson Cunningham Coale C'94 1994 Yes No
Sonia Colon F'94 1994 Yes No
John Addrizzo C'94 1994 Yes Yes
Lija Austrins-Tyree C'94 1994 Yes No
Ellen Dowling C'94 1994 Yes No
Mannone Butler B'94, L'99 1994 Yes No
Karen Butler-Colbert N'94 1994 Yes No
Douglas Eaton C'94, L'97 1994 Yes No
John Callaway F'94 1994 Yes No
Brenda Donly Berg C'94, MPP'97 1994 Yes No
Kevin Ehrhart F'94 1994 Yes Yes
Pablo Berckholtz C'94 1994 Yes No
Estela (Estela B) Mendoza Astacio C'94 1994 Yes No
Meghan Dotter F'94 1994 Yes No
Joseph Callahan B'94 1994 Yes Yes
Class: 1999
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Lisa Collea C'99 1999 Yes No
John Dunleavy C'99, M'03 1999 Yes Yes
Theodore (Ted) Fischer C'99 1999 Yes No
Simeen Hussain C'99 1999 Yes No
Raime Leeby Muhle F'99 1999 Yes No
Aaron Davis C'99 1999 Yes No
Ryan McHugh F'99 1999 Yes No
Erin Higgins Davies C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Jennifer Grana Illuzzi F'99 1999 Yes No
Matthew Walsh B'99 1999 Yes No
Darren Fiore C'99 1999 Maybe No
Teressa (Tessa) Pedriani Smith B'99 1999 Yes Yes
Emily Lyons Surovick C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Sinclair Bolden F'99 1999 Yes No
Michael Surovick C'99 1999 Yes No
Mark Shalhoub F'99 1999 Yes No
Petra Langer F'99 1999 Yes Yes
Leilanie Tuanquin-Gonzalez N'99 1999 Yes Yes
Patrick Hughes C'99 1999 Yes No
Kathleen Long C'99 1999 Yes No
Renee Bischoff F'99 1999 Yes No
Jacqueline (Jackie) Shapiro Mishler C'99, L'02 1999 Yes No
Chantal Laurie C'99 1999 Yes No
Jessica Bollinger Paul C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Kathleen Linck Monforto N'99, MSN'00 1999 Yes Yes
Jonathan Weiner B'99 1999 Yes No
Maria Federico Madonick N'99 1999 Yes No
Grant Kornman B'99 1999 Yes Yes
John McGowan C'99 1999 Yes No
Claire Lobes Hosteny C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Vittorio Cottafavi F'99 1999 Yes No
Anna Linakis Baker C'99 1999 Yes No
Kathleen (Katie) Duffy C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Elizabeth (Liz) Meyer Lyons C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Colleen Kearns Huck B'99 1999 Yes No
Justin Dumouchel C'99 1999 Yes No
Liz Cornejo C'99 1999 Yes No
Caroline Callahan Janson C'99 1999 Yes No
Daniel Kiely B'99 1999 Yes Yes
Marisa (Ris) Tagliareni B'99 1999 Yes No
Margaret (Margie) Beuttenmuller Betten F'99 1999 Yes Yes
Erin Troy Clinton B'99 1999 Yes Yes
Anthony Bejarano C'99 1999 Yes No
Alexandre Leviant C'99 1999 Yes No
Shelbrey Althoff Blanc C'99 1999 Maybe No
David (Dave) Keffer B'99 1999 Yes No
Yervant Kutchukian F'99 1999 Maybe No
Melissa Tytko Andretta B'99 1999 Yes No
Sara Fairborn Kelso C'99 1999 Yes No
Walter (Charlie) Kuntz C'99 1999 Yes No
Celeen Brancaccio Doody N'99 1999 Yes No
Michael Doody B'99 1999 Yes No
Parag Khanna F'99, MA'05 1999 Yes No
Sarah Gallagher Trombley C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Hope Jones Kinglock B'99 1999 Maybe No
Michael Livingston C'99 1999 Yes No
Kristin (K Koz) Kozakowski C'99 1999 Yes No
Lori Mullaney Finch B'99 1999 Yes No
Jennifer Grady Blood N'99 1999 Yes No
Maureen Tedesco C'99, M'03 1999 Yes No
Jason Mulvihill C'99 1999 Yes No
James (Franklin) Jarman C'99 1999 Yes No
Brian O'Connor B'99 1999 Yes No
Paul Miller C'99, MA'10, PHD'10 1999 Yes No
Seth Kostek C'99 1999 Yes No
Dawn Veltman C'99, L'04 1999 Yes No
Nicholas Johnston C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Erika Jeschke C'99 1999 Yes No
German Mundarain B'99 1999 Yes No
Melissa LoMenzo C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Toni Biskup C'99 1999 Yes No
Jeremy Johnson C'99 1999 Yes No
John Koecheler C'99 1999 Yes No
Erin Durkay Johnston F'99 1999 Yes Yes
Jason Flynn B'99 1999 Yes No
Lincoln Snyder F'99 1999 Yes No
Joseph (Joe) Perry C'99 1999 Yes No
Patrick Dillon C'99 1999 Maybe No
Roshanna Sabaratnam C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Ryan Raffaelli B'99 1999 Yes No
Carolyn Seugling Galvin C'99 1999 Yes No
Matteo Gallo B'99 1999 Yes Yes
Emily Wilson Stoddard C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Thomas Quisenberry C'99 1999 Yes No
Amy Avalos Quintana B'99 1999 Yes No
Martha Guzman Aceves F'99 1999 Yes No
Kevin Haeberle C'99 1999 Yes No
Jennifer Welsh Grimes C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Laura Haggarty C'99 1999 Yes No
Danielle Malito Aguirre C'99 1999 Yes No
Jason Gajarsa C'99, MS'00, M'04 1999 Maybe No
Andrew Puente B'99 1999 Yes No
Reema Sanghvi F'99 1999 Yes Yes
Eleanor Gailey F'99 1999 Yes No
Elizabeth Brooks Sappenfield C'99 1999 Yes No
Allison Wilson C'99 1999 Yes No
Paola Ramos F'99 1999 Yes No
Vola Grilli B'99 1999 Yes Yes
Ryan Williams B'99 1999 Yes Yes
Cristina Calderon F'99 1999 Yes Yes
Christopher (Chris) Martinez B'99 1999 Yes No
Marcos Gemoets F'99 1999 Yes No
Jonathan Burks F'99 1999 Yes No
Anna Gehriger C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Skender Derti B'99 1999 Yes No
Elisabeth (Liz) Stapleton Zerella B'99 1999 Yes Yes
Kirsten Olsen Cahill F'99 1999 Yes No
Crystal Crutcher Richards C'99 1999 Yes No
David (Dave) Gootzit F'99, MA'10 1999 Yes No
Travis Griffith B'99 1999 Yes Yes
David Stanfield F'99 1999 Yes No
Sarah Roxe C'99 1999 Yes No
Antoinette Campbell B'99 1999 Yes No
Margaret (Meg) Gramins C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Megan Citarella Stewart F'99, MSFS'00 1999 Yes No
Selim Yargici C'99 1999 Yes No
Suellan Yao C'99 1999 Yes No
Tanya Parikh Ramos C'99 1999 Yes No
James Politi F'99 1999 Yes No
Carlos Guzman F'99 1999 Yes No
Evrard Fraise C'99 1999 Yes No
Adrian Albino C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Sarah Segal McCaslin C'99 1999 Yes No
Kelly Cahill Hennigan C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Christine Manley Herdman C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Derek Pines B'99 1999 Yes No
Julie Creevy Scharff C'99 1999 Yes No
Mary Donohoe Schabort C'99 1999 Yes No
Eren Fry B'99 1999 Yes No
Benjamin Allen C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Molly Hero C'99 1999 Yes No
Jacques-Philippe Piverger B'99 1999 Yes No
Alejandra Herrera Chavez F'99 1999 Yes No
Cortney Howard Allen C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Thomas Brenninkmeijer C'99 1999 Yes No
Heather Hassler C'99 1999 Yes Yes
Class: 2004
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Claire Brunel C'04, PHD'15 2004 Yes No
Kathleen (Katie) Mahjoubi Koshy B'04 2004 Yes No
Jacqueline (Jackie) Burke Kort C'04 2004 Yes No
Joshua (Josh) Rubin B'04 2004 Yes No
Siobhan Grant F'04 2004 Yes No
Edmund (Ed) Caulfield C'04 2004 Yes No
Brigid Murphy Russell C'04 2004 Yes No
Michael Ganzi B'04 2004 Yes No
Kimberly (Kim) Kaczmarek Heston C'04 2004 Yes No
Stephanie (S.) Bruckner F'04 2004 Yes No
Donald Tansey C'04 2004 Yes Yes
Michael Gramins C'04 2004 Yes Yes
Jose Pereyo Dueno F'04 2004 Yes Yes
Mary Evans Maples C'04 2004 Yes No
Victoria Wilson Collin F'04 2004 Yes No
Thatcher Spring C'04 2004 Yes No
Adrienne Piazza B'04 2004 Yes Yes
Travis Skelly B'04 2004 Yes No
Alexis George C'04 2004 Yes No
Kimberly (Kim) Harves Coughlin B'04, S'12 2004 Yes Yes
Adam McBride B'04 2004 Yes Yes
John Slattery C'04 2004 Yes No
Leonore Adams F'04 2004 Yes No
Ira Rigaud F'04 2004 Yes No
Dennis Cravedi C'04 2004 Yes No
Erica DeFabio N'04 2004 Yes No
Christine Costello C'04 2004 Yes No
Michael (Mike) Cooper B'04 2004 Yes No
Catherine Rongoe C'04 2004 Yes Yes
Amy Repp C'04 2004 Yes Yes
Molly Shima McDonnell C'04, L'07 2004 Yes No
Doran Arik Miller C'04 2004 Yes No
Sabah Al-Sabah F'04 2004 Yes Yes
Ty Hollister C'04 2004 Maybe No
Simone Petrella C'04, MA'07 2004 Yes No
Brian Conologue C'04 2004 Yes No
Lauren Calone B'04 2004 Yes No
Joy Watcharaumnuay Savchenko F'04 2004 Yes No
Somil Trivedi C'04 2004 Yes No
Ernesto Soriano C'04 2004 Yes Yes
Linh Hoang B'04 2004 Yes Yes
Kenneth (Ken) Bowman C'04 2004 Yes No
Arianne Graham B'04 2004 Yes No
Sandra Kreis C'04 2004 Yes No
Deanna Rowand Hartley N'04 2004 Yes Yes
H. Michael (Ziggy) Zografakis F'04 2004 Yes No
Wrug Ved B'04 2004 Yes No
Aitor Amorebieta F'04 2004 Yes No
Michael (Mike) Shuler C'04 2004 Yes No
Amy Bozzo Vanden Boogart C'04 2004 Maybe No
James (Jay) Sylvester N'04 2004 Maybe No
Zen Fei (Philip) Lo B'04 2004 Yes Yes
Mary Haskins B'04 2004 Yes No
Margaret (Molly) Plimpton C'04 2004 Yes No
Christina Bennett C'04 2004 Yes Yes
James Shea C'04 2004 Yes Yes
William (Will) Johnston C'04 2004 Maybe No
Christopher (Chris) Sakara B'04 2004 Yes No
Catherine Capano N'04, MS'08 2004 Yes No
Ashley Fedor C'04 2004 Yes No
Emily Hiatt Presti C'04 2004 Yes No
Christian Lowe F'04 2004 Yes No
Mary Polichino Dalton B'04 2004 Yes No
Mairin Priestley B'04 2004 Yes Yes
David Sawyer C'04 2004 Yes No
Ashley Pinakiewicz C'04 2004 Yes Yes
Mary Kennedy F'04 2004 Yes No
Steven Blaha B'04 2004 Yes No
Rachel Pacheco C'04 2004 Yes No
Liam Donovan C'04 2004 Yes No
Lauren Farley C'04 2004 Maybe No
Cristina Geada Savasta F'04 2004 Yes No
Maegan Gallagher Boger B'04 2004 Yes No
Frank Nagle C'04, MS'12 2004 Yes No
Eugene Nardelli C'04 2004 Yes Yes
Alexander (Alex) Sailon C'04 2004 Yes No
Meredith Murray B'04 2004 Yes No
Elizabeth Pingpank C'04 2004 Yes No
Hadley Cotter Schafer C'04 2004 Yes No
Nicole Lusignan C'04 2004 Yes Yes
Ariella Viehe F'04 2004 Yes No
Class: 2009
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Daniel DeGuisto C'09 2009 Yes No
Josephine Mazyck C'09 2009 Yes No
Mark Dauigoy B'09 2009 Yes No
Isabella Sperduto C'09 2009 Yes No
Canaan McCaslin F'09 2009 Maybe No
Taylor Steffan F'09 2009 Yes No
Jon Medved B'09 2009 Yes No
Thomas Miller C'09, C'09 2009 Yes No
Maura McGroarty Robinson N'09 2009 Yes No
Elizabeth Gay Spade F'09 2009 Yes No
Allison Reiner Curran C'09 2009 Yes No
Margaret (Meg) McCleary N'09 2009 Yes No
Joseph (Joe) Curran F'09, L'12, L'13 2009 Yes No
Patricia deJesus de Jesus F'09 2009 Yes No
Brandon St. Peters C'09 2009 Yes No
Patrick Dahlen C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Michael McWilliams C'09 2009 Yes No
Matthew Merighi C'09 2009 Yes No
Triston Dallas B'09 2009 Yes No
Martin Menezes C'09, L'13 2009 Yes Yes
Barbara Mickits C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Jessica (Jess) Ludwig Bertuccio B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Brittany Berry B'09 2009 Yes No
Katherine Miller C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Jasmine McGee B'09 2009 Yes No
Philip George F'09, L'14 2009 Yes No
Kenneth Mitchell C'09, S'12 2009 Yes No
Emily Parker B'09 2009 Yes No
Niara Phillips F'09 2009 Yes No
Ann Marie Cashman C'09 2009 Yes No
Kelly Cassidy C'09 2009 Yes No
Jason Castillo C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Megan Schumann B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Rachelle Scolari C'09, C'09 2009 Yes No
Anuj Patel C'09 2009 Yes No
Janine Visalli Segner C'09 2009 Yes No
Jared Pilosio F'09 2009 Yes No
Arjun Pant F'09 2009 Yes No
Jacqueline Padron N'09 2009 Yes No
Kathryn Chapman C'09 2009 Yes No
Derek Owens C'09 2009 Yes No
John-Paul Ovadia F'09, L'12 2009 Yes No
Nicolas (Nick) Sementelli F'09 2009 Yes No
Lee Catherine (LC) Booker C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Ailsa Pierrepont F'09 2009 Yes No
Sabrina Scandar C'09 2009 Yes No
Jennifer (Jenny) Eisenstein O'Neill C'09 2009 Yes No
Adriana Magdas Royal C'09 2009 Yes No
Gregory Burie F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Jessica (Jess) Rimington F'09 2009 Yes No
Crystal Riley B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Courtney Richardson B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Jessica Rettig C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Jodi Callender B'09, S'11 2009 Yes No
Alexandra Reinke B'09 2009 Yes No
Brian Brush B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Catherine Saunders B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Timothy Brown C'09 2009 Yes No
Tanya Rana N'09 2009 Yes No
Piya Radia F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Alejandro Canelas F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Colleen Quinlan B'09 2009 Yes No
Ashish Pradhan C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Sprague Brodie F'09 2009 Yes Yes
James (Jimmy) Saris C'09 2009 Maybe No
Whitney Sevesind C'09 2009 Yes No
Nina Shah F'09 2009 Yes No
Karina Bhaiwala C'09 2009 Maybe No
Elizabeth (Liz) Kucharczyk Sloss N'09, MBA'17 2009 Yes No
Tyler Blackney F'09 2009 Yes No
Mary Rose Murray C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Sadia Sindhu F'09 2009 Yes No
Ryan Murphy B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Brittany Skoda B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Monica Munn F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Hannah Pitts Connolly C'09, MA'10 2009 Yes Yes
Sarah Harwood Morrow C'09 2009 Yes No
Brittany Simon N'09 2009 Yes No
Grant Morrow F'09 2009 Yes No
Meaghan Morris C'09 2009 Yes No
Gabriel Morales Becker MBA'09 2009 Yes No
Julia Cooke C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Justin Moore B'09 2009 Yes No
Bridget Copes C'09, C'09 2009 Maybe No
Frederick Moore C'09 2009 Yes No
Charlotte Myer C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Jonathan (Jon) Coffey B'09 2009 Yes Yes
George Chipev F'09, L'12 2009 Yes Yes
Whitney Sher N'09 2009 Yes No
Adaobi Okafor C'09 2009 Maybe No
Ashim Chopra B'09 2009 Yes No
Pooja Bagga Chopra F'09 2009 Yes No
Zahra Choudhury C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Thomas (Tommy) O'Connor N'09 2009 Yes Yes
Nadia Sheikh C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Jonathan Oakes B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Erin Coleman Shevlin C'09, MA'13 2009 Yes No
Sartaj Narang F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Victoria Blohm C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Bridget Noon C'09, C'09 2009 Yes No
Anne Mary Ciminelli F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Ellen Clarke F'09 2009 Yes No
Kathryn (Katie) Lachman Nicholson B'09 2009 Yes No
Bridget Geraghty C'09 2009 Yes No
Mariana Newman C'09 2009 Yes No
Todd Cochran B'09 2009 Yes No
Morgan Shepard-Vierra C'09, C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Kristofer Rodgers C'09 2009 Yes No
Timothy Henn B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Kara Gula B'09 2009 Yes No
Molly Tully C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Tesia Ciechanowski Henn C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Alexander Armstrong C'09 2009 Yes No
Jem Heinzel-Nelson Alvarenga Lima F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Peter Keszler C'09, MS'10 2009 Yes No
Mary (Molly) Shaffer Keszler C'09 2009 Yes No
Christina Gallinari B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Ramses Escobedo C'09 2009 Yes No
Ryan Kesapyan F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Christina Estrada C'09 2009 Yes No
Ataefiok Etukeren B'09, L'18 2009 Yes No
Patrick Eucalitto F'09 2009 Yes No
Charlotte Guy F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Ana Guzman B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Mary (Maddie) Fitzgerald C'09, MS'20 2009 Yes Yes
Zachary (Zach) Koerber C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Peter (Pete) Haas N'09 2009 Yes No
Katherine (Kara) Krause B'09 2009 Yes No
Sophia Lambert C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Margaret Hathaway F'09 2009 Yes No
Spencer Almy B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Kathleen (Katie) Devaney Watson N'09 2009 Yes No
Richard (Ricky) Ashenfelter B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Bradford (Brad) Hartung B'09 2009 Yes No
Jay Troop F'09 2009 Yes No
Robert Flock C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Rebecca Kotkin B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Arti Kotadia B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Alexander (Alex) Kostura F'09 2009 Yes No
Justine Wu C'09 2009 Yes No
Margot Ellis C'09 2009 Yes No
Peter Harte C'09, MBA'17 2009 Yes No
Elizabeth (Beth) Kenefick C'09 2009 Yes No
Audrey Anyaele B'09 2009 Yes No
Justin Weiss C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Alysa Hannon F'09 2009 Yes No
Amit Jayakar C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Chantal Hall B'09 2009 Yes No
Brent Fierro B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Bryon Jansen C'09 2009 Maybe No
Noah Hall C'09 2009 Yes No
Taylor Martin C'09 2009 Yes No
Amelia Wachtel C'09 2009 Yes No
Helene Jernick N'09 2009 Yes Yes
Kelsey Albro Itameri F'09 2009 Yes No
Nadir Issari C'09 2009 Yes No
Chloe Waddington F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Ashleigh Walker Goroski Walker B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Hisham (Hish) Ibrahim B'09 2009 Yes No
Christina Fiorvanti C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Mariela Fernandez B'09 2009 Yes No
Vicente Velez B'09 2009 Yes No
Brennan Kelly C'09, S'15 2009 Yes No
Taylor Farmer C'09 2009 Yes No
Hilary Keefe C'09 2009 Yes Yes
John Fisher-Thompson B'09 2009 Yes No
Briana Kearney C'09 2009 Yes No
Eri Furukawa B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Eileen Ward C'09 2009 Yes No
Sameer Anwar B'09 2009 Yes No
Thomas Karwacki B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Andrew (Andy) Ferich C'09 2009 Yes Yes
William (Will) Karnasiewicz C'09 2009 Yes No
Elizabeth Kariuki N'09 2009 Yes Yes
Alexandra (Alex) Vaughn C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Margaret (Maggie) Farrand C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Katherine Harripersaud C'09 2009 Yes No
Daniel Fass C'09 2009 Yes No
Kelly Thomas Velez B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Jordan Gray C'09, MA'13 2009 Yes No
Reginald Greer C'09 2009 Yes No
Claire Torkington F'09 2009 Yes No
Daniel Beck C'09 2009 Yes No
Rob Begin C'09 2009 Yes Yes
William Allen F'09 2009 Yes No
Krystal Gittens B'09 2009 Yes No
Megan MacDonald C'09 2009 Yes No
Sarah Aldemeyer Lynn C'09, MBA'15 2009 Yes No
Toby Hervey F'09 2009 Yes No
Stephanie Bean C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Colin Behr B'09 2009 Yes No
Sonya Sullivan C'09 2009 Yes No
Shane Giuliani F'09 2009 Yes No
Alexander Long F'09 2009 Yes No
Kipp Hebert C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Anne Dolce B'09 2009 Yes No
Caroline Baron C'09 2009 Yes No
Shivani Tomar F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Daniel White B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Stacy Shelden Abrishami F'09 2009 Yes No
Elise Lockamy-Kassim N'09 2009 Yes Yes
Maureen Stickel F'09 2009 Maybe No
Kevin Francolini C'09, L'15 2009 Yes Yes
Andrew Martell F'09 2009 Yes No
Christine Whalen F'09, S'10 2009 Yes Yes
Anastasia Stepanova C'09 2009 Yes No
Catherine Dill F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Kim Keller Marczak B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Virginia Gelardin C'09 2009 Yes No
Jacob (Jake) Styacich C'09 2009 Yes No
Liza Maloy C'09 2009 Yes No
Kristen Dinsmore N'09 2009 Yes No
Clare Malone C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Rachael Strickland C'09 2009 Yes No
Erin Heide B'09 2009 Yes No
Rachael Gilbert C'09 2009 Yes No
Anthony DiTommaso B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Christina Hess B'09 2009 Yes No
Samantha Sutton C'09 2009 Yes No
Jennifer Keuler Gayles F'09, MS'18 2009 Yes Yes
Erika Hoops Gorodetsky B'09 2009 Yes Yes
George Foulard C'09 2009 Yes No
Sidney Baker B'09 2009 Yes No
John Dougherty F'09 2009 Yes No
Dustin Douglas B'09 2009 Yes No
Meaghan (Meg) Schwitter Douglas N'09 2009 Yes Yes
Alex Gorodetsky B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Anne Wellde C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Maura Garven C'09 2009 Yes No
James Grant C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Katherine Craig Grant F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Abraham Tiamiyu C'09 2009 Yes No
Adam Yoran F'09 2009 Yes No
Emily Atkinson C'09, MS'10 2009 Yes No
Raymond Tolentino C'09, L'12 2009 Yes Yes
Jennifer Lee B'09 2009 Yes No
Laurie Banitch B'09 2009 Yes No
Ryan Lee B'09 2009 Yes No
John Zambetti B'09 2009 Yes No
Hunter Lloyd F'09 2009 Yes No
Martin Tabor C'09 2009 Yes No
Andrew Gold F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Nancy Stewart Litwak C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Roberto Fortuño Ruiz Fortuno-Ruiz F'09 2009 Yes No
Thomas (Tommy) Wiederhold C'09, MS'10 2009 Yes No
Leanne Zammit B'09 2009 Yes Yes
Wade Tandy C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Phillip Wilcox C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Matthew (Matt) Leo C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Baran C'09 2009 Yes Yes
Sophia Alvarez F'09 2009 Yes Yes
Class: 2014
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Yomna Sarhan F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Carolyn Williamson N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Ellen Wilcox C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Joseph (Joe) Wiedemer C'14, MS'15 2014 Yes Yes
Paris Williams B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kathryn Alberti B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Rohan Williamson C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Mollie Brick C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Paola Aldana N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Audrey Wilson F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Peter Brigham F'14 2014 Yes No
Sophia Berhie F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Monica Sansonetti C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alejandro Zendejas F'14 2014 Yes No
Jar (Ms. Amy Yeung) Yeung F'14 2014 Yes No
Katelyn Young C'14 2014 Yes No
Shanon Adams B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Michelle Dailey Zajac C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alexander (Zander) Rounds F'14 2014 Yes No
Lazar Zdravkovic B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kelsey Zehentbauer B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Khadijah Brydson C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Ana Saavedra N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Samir Abu-Hamad F'14, MS'16 2014 Yes No
John Absher C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alexandra Buck C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Michaela Rollings C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Buffone C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Eric Buras C'14, MS'16 2014 Yes Yes
Elizabeth (Liz) Abello C'14 2014 Yes No
Alexandra Rodrigues F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jennifer Yan B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Amanda Wynter C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Patrick Wilson B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Carlos Salgado B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Nicholas (Nick) Albanese F'14 2014 Yes No
Connor Brogan C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Maria-Theresa Sanchez F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Joseph (Joe) Albanese F'14, MPP'20 2014 Yes Yes
Alexandria (Alex) San Jose F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Thomas Brooke N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Aaron Aiken C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Naa-Shorme Aidoo C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kelly Wulff N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Colleen Wood F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Diana Sainvil C'14 2014 Yes No
Patrick Woolpert B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Eghosa Aghayere B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Megan (Maggie) Brown C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Morgan Brown C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Bryan Saba B'14 2014 Yes No
John Wujciak C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Laura Aguilar C'14 2014 Yes No
Alexa Vittoria C'14 2014 Yes No
Molly Schauber C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Evelyn Smith C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kim Tay C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Peter Tennant C'14, S'21 2014 Yes No
Alexander Baker B'14, S'19 2014 Yes Yes
Emily Baine C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Ronald (Ron) Thompson C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Christopher Bien C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Arielle Thornton C'14, MA'16 2014 Yes No
Rachael Augostini C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Audrey Atencio F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Stefanie Soelling C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Evan Smith F'14 2014 Yes No
Breania Smith B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Charles Smalling F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Caroline Bingham C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Mary Toscano C'14, L'17 2014 Yes Yes
Mariam Ashraf C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Deanna Arthur F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Elias Tsikhlakis B'14 2014 Yes No
Sumegh Sodani F'14 2014 Yes No
Laurent Tarneaud B'14 2014 Yes No
Alexandra (Alex) Tucker C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Amy Spohr N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Katherine Stanton B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Erika Stanford C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Mary Clare Bernal C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Christopher Stromeyer F'14 2014 Yes No
Alden Stabb B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kaley Beins C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Daniel Sprotte B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Hannah Sullivan C'14, MA'17 2014 Yes No
John Sullivan B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Sebastian Sotelo B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kristin Spitz C'14, M'18 2014 Yes Yes
Sarah Robertson C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Katherine Spiegel C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Genevieve Svec B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alexander Sykes C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Gillian Spear C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Patrick Spagnuolo F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alexandros Taliadoros F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Benjamin Talus F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Joshua Tucci B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Ivana Tucker C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Brevard C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Caroline Seabolt C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Mary Borowiec C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Aya Waller-Bey C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Spencer Walsh B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kayla Bostwick F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Caroline Wambach C'14, M'20 2014 Yes Yes
Michael (Yaocheng) Wang C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Margaret Wardell F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kelsey Warrick C'14, MS'16 2014 Yes Yes
Mary Boyle C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Stephanie Waller B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jack Allman C'14 2014 Yes Yes
David Weis C'14 2014 Yes No
Christina Wendelin C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Matthew Wenger C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Samantha Allinson F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Joshua Schoen F'14, L'21 2014 Yes Yes
Andrew Schilling C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Westendorf F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Weston N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Meghan Borden C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Natalie Sergi C'14 2014 Yes No
Benjamin Tyler F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Trevor Siebert C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Sohale Sizar C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Madhuri Vairapandi C'14, MA'18 2014 Yes Yes
Jacob Sinclair C'14 2014 Yes No
Alexandra (Allie) Van Dine F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Nicholas Van Hollen B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jacob Arber F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Andrew Blay F'14 2014 Yes No
Dana Sievers F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Santhia Varatharajah C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Matthew Serrone C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Allison Blitz F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Barrett Veazey C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Christian Veliz C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alexandra Sharp B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Dhruv Sharma B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kelsey Vickery C'14, L'19 2014 Yes Yes
Monica Vizconde C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Nasreen Shad F'14 2014 Yes No
Katherina Shabalov N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Thomas Sullivan B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jill Ni F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Nicole Robertson C'14, S'16 2014 Yes Yes
Sara Ku N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Katrina Kleck F'14, L'19 2014 Yes Yes
Kimberly Koff B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Antonia Kopp N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Vincent Korth B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alexandra (Sasha) Elkin C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kristen Krebs C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Nursultan Eldosov F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Irene Kim F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Sarah Eichorn C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Thomas Ladd B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Victoria Edel C'14 2014 Yes No
Marcus Landers C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Adrienne Lane F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Thomas (Tom) Lane C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Erica Eshman C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Vidur Khatri B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Zosia Dunn C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Kane B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Blake Johnson C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Catherine Johnson F'14, MBA'20 2014 Yes Yes
Eric Johnson C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Meghan Farrell C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Kadien C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Lovika Kalra C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Ashley Farran B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Eleni Kessler F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Julia Karas B'14 2014 Yes Yes
McKenzie Kaubrys C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Charlotte Kelly C'14 2014 Yes No
Grace Kelso N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kristen Extrom C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Christopher Kennedy N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kathryn Easop C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Maria Lappas C'14 2014 Yes No
Madeline (Maddie) Jaeger C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Donald MacKenzie C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Theresa Lou F'14, MA'20 2014 Yes Yes
Jana Dodson C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Taylor Doaty B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Weldon Lummus C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Eileen Burdekin C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Lauren MacGuidwin C'14 2014 Yes No
Garland Ditz C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Joshua Loewenstern C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jose Madrid C'14, L'19 2014 Yes Yes
Alana Magli B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Chelsea Maisano C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Elena Malik F'14 2014 Yes No
Romil Malkan B'14 2014 Yes No
Matthew (Matt) Mandel C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Daniel (Danny) Lohrfink B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kevin Donlin B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Katerina Downward F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Lauren Leccese F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Rachel (Chai-Yee) Lau B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Rose Lauricella B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Margaret Laush F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kathryn Lawlor C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jessica Lawson F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Madeline Leach C'14 2014 Yes No
Richard Lee B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Sarah Lloyd N'14 2014 Yes No
Elisabeth (Liz) Lembo C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Tony Lin C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Allison Link F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Caroline Lipe C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Lily (Xinyao Yuri) Liu C'14, L'17 2014 Yes Yes
Xiaolu Liu F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Guadalupe Fernandez F'14 2014 Yes No
Robert (Rob) Jackson F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Elisa Manrique C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Caitlin Gallagher C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Christopher Griffey C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Meghan Grimm C'14 2014 Yes No
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gromet C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Madeline Ganz N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Erin Galvin N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Catherine Gallagher C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kyle Gaines F'14, MA'14 2014 Yes Yes
Steven Grembowiec C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jake Haley B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Sheldon Halsted C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Ryan Hanley B'14 2014 Yes Yes
David Hanna C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Rosemary Hansen C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Timothy (Tim) Hark C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Bridget Gribbin C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Ellen Grein B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Tyler Harris B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Gabrielle Gold C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Neha Ghanshamdas F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Theresa Gladstone C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Celeste Gee N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Brendan Glavin B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Stephen Gliatto C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Ranjani Gogulapati F'14 2014 Yes No
Daniel (Danny) Goldberg N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Abigail Greene B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alexa Gasbarrino B'14 2014 Yes No
Rachel Gary C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Lucas Garvin N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Samuel Garrison F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Carly Graf F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Allison Graham C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Emily Harris F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Brandon Jackson N'14, MS'15, M'19 2014 Yes Yes
Grant Fisher B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Megan Holleran B'14 2014 Yes No
Colleen (Fitz) Fitzgerald B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Matthew Howard C'14, S'16 2014 Yes Yes
Jenny Huang B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alyssa Huberts F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Hilary Fisher C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alanna Hulburd C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Christian Holkeboer F'14 2014 Yes No
Suzanne Huszagh N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Joseph (Joe) Fiorica C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Dominick Fiorentino B'14 2014 Yes Yes
John Findaro B'14 2014 Yes No
Jescinta Izevbigie F'14 2014 Yes No
Katharine Jablonski C'14 2014 Yes No
Evan Hollander F'14 2014 Yes No
Eva Hogan C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Bryn Hastings B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Sarah Henderson B'14 2014 Yes No
Taylor Hatch C'14, L'19 2014 Yes Yes
Allison Fulenwider B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Shakina Hawthorne C'14 2014 Yes No
Isabella Freyre C'14 2014 Yes No
Kelyn Freedman B'14, S'15 2014 Yes Yes
Kathryn (Katie) Heffernan C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Samuel (Sam) Fox C'14, M'18 2014 Yes Yes
Heather Flynn C'14, M'18 2014 Yes Yes
Mariana Hernandez C'14 2014 Yes No
Brady Fowler C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jeffrey Fountain C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Danielle Fornabaio C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Margaret Formoso N'14, MS'19 2014 Yes No
Haley Hirzel C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Edward (Ted) Hocter F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Stacy Dillahey B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Courtney Lundquist F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kathleen (Kathy) Marini C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kendal Peterson B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Michael Paslavsky C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Rohan Patnaik F'14 2014 Yes No
Alex Celona B'14 2014 Yes Yes
James Paulose C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Gabriela Perla F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alyssa Peterson C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Katrina Petrillo C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Ryan Chan B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Rebecca Pierre C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Luke Carter C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Keegan Carter B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Linnea Pittman C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Juana (Karina) Plascencia F'14 2014 Yes No
Charles (Chad) Carson F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Nicole Carroll C'14, L'20 2014 Yes Yes
Benjamin (Ben) Center C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Calliope Pantelidis B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Noble Carpenter C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Lauren Oliphant F'14 2014 Yes No
Sophia Chung C'14 2014 Yes No
John O'Brien C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Matthew Chung C'14, MA'16 2014 Yes Yes
Rosemary Christian C'14 2014 Yes Yes
David Christian N'14, M'18 2014 Yes Yes
Kyle O'Donnell C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Annie Chiang C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Seun Oyewole F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Nathaniel Oppenheimer F'14 2014 Yes No
Joanna Orlando C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Ethan Chess C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Celeste Chen C'14, MPP'17 2014 Yes Yes
Ivy-Victoria (Ivy) Otradovec C'14 2014 Yes No
Meredith Chasney C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Nan Ou B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Princess Polidore N'14, S'17 2014 Yes Yes
Robert (Bobby) Pollak B'14 2014 Yes Yes
James Church B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Oliver Ressler F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Charlotte Campbell C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Joelle Rebeiz F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Denise Recinos C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Chelsea Redman N'14 2014 Yes No
Catherine Campbell B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Margaret Reilly B'14 2014 Yes No
Mariah Byrne F'14 2014 Maybe No
Rajiv Rao F'14 2014 Yes No
Jasmine Byrd C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Claire Riedel C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Adrienne Bussard N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Alexandra Bushman C'14 2014 Yes Yes
James Burr B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Mary (Elizabeth) Burgoyne C'14 2014 Yes No
Elizabeth Robbins B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Sean Campbell B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Samantha Randazzo C'14, MA'21 2014 Yes Yes
Henry Carpenter C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kevin Prior B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Sophia Pompilus C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Adaire Carey C'14 2014 Yes Yes
John Porter C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Adrian Prado C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Juan Cardona F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Hannah Press N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jaclyn Proctor B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Eric Ramos B'14 2014 Yes No
Brigid Puleo B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jennifer Purks C'14, M'21 2014 Yes Yes
Carolyn Cannella F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kevin Rafferty B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Nitya Rajendran C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Adam Ramadan F'14, MA'17 2014 Yes No
Akhil Ramanadham B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jeanne Nwagwu N'14 2014 Maybe No
Michelle Konkoly C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Anne Cicco C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Caroline Cotto N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Patrick (Pat) Curran C'14, MPP'19 2014 Yes Yes
Karen Mendoza C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Evan Cunningham C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Anne Mesmer C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Michael Croglio N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Michael Cimilluca B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Evan Monod C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Margot Dale C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Thomas Corrigan F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Sarah Moore C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Brian Moran C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Katie Conry F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Maiko (Mikki) Mori N'14 2014 Yes Yes
Claire Morley F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Madeline Curtis N'14, L'19 2014 Yes Yes
Mikaela Medeiros B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Caroline Connolly B'14 2014 Yes No
Carly McCaffrey F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Nehemiah Markos C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Evan Marks B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Timothy Devita C'14, M'20 2014 Yes No
Courtney Mastrangelo C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Emmie Derback C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Michael Deneen C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Edward (Ed) McCrossen B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Charles Dann C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Caroline McDevitt B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Mackenzie Deary C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Bridget McElroy C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Rashawn Davis C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Joseph McIlhattan C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Shanique Dasilva C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jasmine Motton B'14 2014 Yes Yes
Cody Cowan F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Kevin Collins C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Gregory Murphy C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Stephen (Steve) Neumann B'14, MBA'19 2014 Yes No
Ella Cohen C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Haley Muse C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Michael (Mike) Nahill C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Jacqueline (Jackie) Nahra C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Mary Murphy C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Julie Negussie C'14 2014 Yes No
John Collins F'14 2014 Yes Yes
Mary (Maggie) Cleary C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Erika Nedwell C'14 2014 Yes Yes
Neil Noronha F'14, MA'16 2014 Yes Yes
Class: Magis Reunion
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Linda Kuppinger Dwyer I'64 Magis Reunion Yes No
Sara Maddux F'65 Magis Reunion Yes Yes
Gene Losa F'59 Magis Reunion Yes No
Michael Garffer B'64 Magis Reunion Yes No
Rod Rydlun F'59 Magis Reunion Yes No
Robert (Bob) Adelberg C'59 Magis Reunion Yes No
William (Bill) Springer C'59 Magis Reunion Yes Yes
William (Bill) Leonard C'64 Magis Reunion Maybe No
Richard (Rick) DeBobes C'59 Magis Reunion Yes No
Charles (Chuck) Emberger B'64 Magis Reunion Maybe No
Athanasios (Athan) Vellianitis F'64 Magis Reunion Yes No
Helene Gettler Mallett F'59 Magis Reunion Yes Yes
Warren Heeg F'59 Magis Reunion Yes No
Robert (Bob) Colby C'49, L'51 Magis Reunion Yes Yes
Harry Bridges F'51 Magis Reunion Yes Yes
Donald (Don) Gimbel F'64 Magis Reunion Yes Yes
Thomas (Tom (T.C.)) Coler F'64 Magis Reunion Maybe No
Donald (Don) Hudenburg C'59 Magis Reunion Yes Yes
Richard Troy C'59 Magis Reunion Yes No
Class: School of Dentistry
Name GUSY Class RSVP Registered
Philip Zinser D'79 School of Dentistry Yes No
Max Martinez D'84 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
James Lyden D'89 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Martin Oishi D'84 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Yvonne Beckford D'84 School of Dentistry Yes No
Gene Sibick D'84 School of Dentistry Yes No
Mary Garcia D'89 School of Dentistry Yes No
Timothy (Tim) Neumann D'84 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Robert Chin D'79 School of Dentistry Yes No
Ronald Rosenberg D'69 School of Dentistry Yes No
Steven Streich D'79 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Henry Marcantoni D'89 School of Dentistry Yes No
William Gross D'79 School of Dentistry Yes No
David Heaton D'84 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Karen De Simone Bradley D'89 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
John Paterno D'84 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Marco Holgado D'89 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Mary Flood-Moore D'89 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Scott Hoffman D'79 School of Dentistry Yes No
Stephen Phillips D'79 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Paul Piontkowski D'84 School of Dentistry Yes No
Judith Fisch D'84 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
David Seccombe D'79 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Stephen (Steve) Bakios D'74 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Evan Ledis D'89 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Bonnie Bateman D'79 School of Dentistry Yes No
Raymond (Ray) Finnerty D'69 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Karen Crowley D'79 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Pablo Leon D'89 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Joseph Porcu D'84 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Duy Vo D'89 School of Dentistry Yes No
Lisa Di Blasio Elenberger D'89 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Brian Krandell D'89 School of Dentistry Yes No
William (Bill) Jantzen D'79 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Sebastian Lombardi D'84 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Jon Galea D'89 School of Dentistry Yes Yes
Joseph O'Reilly D'79 School of Dentistry Yes No
John Ferry D'79 School of Dentistry Yes Yes